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online safety
Online-Sicherheit {f} [selten] [Internetsicherheit]
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online safety
Online-Sicherheit {f} [selten] [Internetsicherheit]comp.Internet
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  • He serves on the advisory boards of PBS Kids, the Family Online Safety Institute and the Congressional Internet Caucus, The Hub (children's TV network) and the Facebook Safety Advisory Board.
  • For this work, he received the Champion of Online Safety Award.
  • On the 5th December 2022, Zach's Law was officially included in the Government's Online Safety Bill and will become law later in 2023 when the Bill is set to receive Royal Assent.
  • There are many online safety concerns for children using MySpace, including the amount of specific personal information to use certain website tools, lack of validation for other members' information, and lack of sufficient moderation by the website for review of user violations.
  • It publishes reports on such matters as the use of body cameras by police, the relatively high placement of ethnic minorities in detention facilities, online safety and the sexual exploitation of children, and human trafficking.
  • In January 2009, eSPIN began the "Don't Be An Idiot" campaign to educate teens about online safety.
  • The group opposes measures in the draft Online Safety Bill introduced in 2021 that it sees as infringing free speech rights and online anonymity.
  • Section 114 is planned to be amended by the Online Safety and Media Regulation Act to permit Aertel to be shutdown.
  • There were concerns about staff understanding of online safety, and of the conditions of buildings following extreme weather.
  • pl also carries out awareness raising and educational activities to increase the level of the online safety of children and young people by, among others, taking various initiatives, including campaigns, conferences, trainings for professionals and experts as well as workshops for the youngest Internet users.
  • The licence to display the PEGI Online Logo is granted by the PEGI Online Administrator to any online gameplay service provider that meets the requirements set out in the PEGI Online Safety Code (POSC).
  • New technologies, like wearable safety devices and available online safety training, continue to be developed to encourage employers to invest in protection beyond the " and reduce the cost to businesses of protecting their employees.
  • As a result of the attacks, Estonia is now is currently one of the top countries in cyber defence and online safety and its capital city of Tallinn is home to NATO’s cyber defense hub.
  • PICS often used a content labeling from the Internet Content Rating Association, which has also been discontinued by the Family Online Safety Institute's board of directors.
  • In 2021, Schedules 5 and 7 of the Broadcasting Services Act 1992 were repealed as part of the enactment of the Online Safety Act 2021.
  • During the weekly sessions, users of the Habbo service are able to ask the officers and spokespersons questions, primarily regarding online safety.
  • In 2022 Samaritans is campaigning to have "suicide websites" shut down; it believes that the UK government’s proposed online safety bill "isn’t fit for purpose".
  • Loopt worked regularly with select organizations that focus on privacy and security including: The Family Online Safety Institute (board member); ConnectSafely.org; Ponemon Institute; Electronic Frontier Foundation; National Network to End Domestic Violence; Progress & Freedom Foundation's Center for Digital Media Freedom; Internet Education Foundation; and Cyber Safe California by the California Office of Privacy Protection (member, advisory committee).
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