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ophthalmologic {adj}augenärztlich
ophthalmologic {adj}
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Übersetzung für 'ophthalmologic' von Englisch nach Deutsch

ophthalmologic {adj}

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  • He financially supplied places where the organizations created by him worked: la Cruz Roja, the Cancer Institute, the Scientific Society, a children Hospital and an ophthalmologic centre.
  • The Eye Institute of Alberta offers specialized care and treatment for a variety of ophthalmologic conditions.
  • Two years after his death in 1916, a prized distinction in British ophthalmologic medicine known as the "Doyne Memorial Lecture" was established.
  • In 2014 the ophthalmologic features of Vici syndrome were carefully evaluated.
  • Zehender is considered a pioneer of ophthalmic microsurgery, as in 1886 he introduced the practice of using a compound binocular vision instrument for ophthalmologic examination.
  • Sir William Robert Wills Wilde FRCSI (March 1815 – 19 April 1876) was an Irish oto-ophthalmologic surgeon and the author of significant works on medicine, archaeology and folklore, particularly concerning his native Ireland.
  • Ocular neurosis is the usual cause of eye strain headache that begins abruptly with use of the eyes in which there is a normal ophthalmologic exam.
  • It is a physical finding in certain neurologic, ophthalmologic, and endocrine disease.
  • Additionally, the train has an ophthalmologic testing room, a dental unit, a pharmacy, an X-ray unit and an auditorium with a large LCD display unit.
  • As a result of "TAT" deficiency, the substrate tyrosine accumulates, causing ophthalmologic and dermatologic abnormalities.
  • A diagnosis can be made by general symptom examination and with both ophthalmologic and audiometric studies.
  • Treatment of neuropsychiatric features may also be needed.Nutritional support is sometimes needed. Treatment of the ophthalmologic and cardiac finding that may co-exist is also indicated.
  • It specializes in the development of RNA therapeutics for rare genetic diseases with an ophthalmologic application.
  • He created ophthalmologic and medical super sharp scalpels from zirconium dioxide single crystals, which were used in clinics in Kyiv, Moscow, Melbourne and Sydney.
  • In the following years, Schwind eye-tech-solutions made a decisive turn from diagnostic technology supplier for ophthalmologic practices to the development of innovative technology in laser systems for refractive and therapeutic corneal surgery.
  • The homozygous Robo3 mutations have been associated with typical ophthalmologic horizontal gaze palsy with progressive scoliosis, which is characterized by oculomotor problems and general disturbances in innervation.
  • The renowned Andalusian ophthalmologic surgeon Abu al-Qasim al-Zahrawi ("Abulcasis", 936–1013 AD) relied on opium and mandrake as surgical anesthetics and wrote a treatise, "al-Tasrif", that influenced medical thought well into the 16th century.
  • The drug "Visomitin" on the basis of SkQ1 used in veterinary practice for the treatment of ophthalmologic diseases in pets.
  • During World War I, Fick headed field hospitals in France, Russia and Turkey. At the same time he continued working on ophthalmologic anatomy and optics.
  • Sir Henry Tristram Holland (12 February 1875 – 19 September 1965) was a Christian medical missionary who travelled to India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Baluchistan to provide ophthalmologic surgery and care.
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