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Ophthalmoplegie {f}
Augenmuskellähmung {f}
progressive external ophthalmoplegia <PEO>
progressive externe Ophthalmoplegie {f} <PEO>
chronic progressive external ophthalmoplegia <CPEO>
chronische progressive externe Ophthalmoplegie {f} <CPEO>
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  • Mutations in this gene have been shown to cause progressive external ophthalmoplegia.
  • Mutations occurring on the TWNK gene are associated with health conditions such as Perrault Syndrome, ataxia neuropathy spectrum, infantile-onset spinocerebellar ataxia, and most prominently progressive external ophthalmoplegia.
  • Lesions of the abducens nucleus and the MLF produce observable sixth nerve problems, most notably internuclear ophthalmoplegia (INO).
  • Elevated acetylcholine receptor antibody level which is typically seen in myasthenia gravis has been seen in certain patients of mitochondrial associated ophthalmoplegia.
  • Tolosa–Hunt syndrome is a rare disorder characterized by severe and unilateral headaches with orbital pain, along with weakness and paralysis (ophthalmoplegia) of certain eye muscles (extraocular palsies).
  • It is characterized by vertical gaze palsy and ophthalmoplegia.
  • Internal ophthalmoplegia means involvement limited to the pupillary sphincter and ciliary muscle.
  • Machado–Joseph disease is a type of spinocerebellar ataxia and is the most common cause of autosomal-dominant ataxia. MJD causes ophthalmoplegia and mixed sensory and cerebellar ataxia.
  • Other commonly reported symptoms include anterior pituitary dysfunction, visual field defects, headache/pain, and ophthalmoplegia.
  • It is characterized by ataxia, ophthalmoplegia, double vision (diplopia), rapid and uncontrollable eye movement (nystagmus), status seizures, and droopy eyelid (ptosis).
  • Therefore, it was postulated that migraine caused ophthalmoplegia in RPON.
  • Because multiple sclerosis causes demyelination of the axons of the central nervous system, it can cause internuclear ophthalmoplegia when medial longitudinal fasciculus axons get demyelinated.
  • Hutchinson's facies is a facial appearance involving drooping eyelids and immobile eyes in external ophthalmoplegia.
  • Individuals with the condition of fungal sinusitis mostly present with features that include facial pain and pain around the eyes, nasal congestion, rhinorrhea(running nose), headache, later there may be ophthalmoplegia (paralysis of ocular muscles).
  • Classically, Wernicke encephalopathy is characterised by a triad of symptoms: ophthalmoplegia, ataxia, and confusion.
  • It is also known as Minicore myopathy, Multicore myopathy, Multiminicore myopathy, Minicore myopathy with external ophthalmoplegia, Multicore myopathy with external ophthalmoplegia and Multiminicore disease with external ophthalmoplegia.
  • Changes in "MT-TY" may also result in progressive external ophthalmoplegia.
  • Internuclear ophthalmoplegia: Internuclear ophthalmoplegia affects horizontal gaze, such that one eye is capable of full horizontal movement, while the other is incapable of gazing in the direction contralateral to the affected eye.
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