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ore hammerErzhammer {m}
ore hammerPochschlägel {m}
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Übersetzung für 'ore hammer' von Englisch nach Deutsch

ore hammer
Erzhammer {m}

Pochschlägel {m}
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  • From the 14th century onwards, Krems was an iron ore ("Eisenerz") mining area, with a medieval hammer mill at Eisentratten.
  • He discovered that iron castings which were too hard to be worked could be softened by packing them into iron ore or hammer slag and exposing them to high temperature for a number of days.
  • In 1809 Wheal Towan had a cobbing shed which was a building used to break the ore up with a pointed hammer weighing up to 4 pounds.
  • The first mention of the iron ore processing is from 1326, when thirteen hammer mills were already operating here.
  • After the secularised Halberstadt territories were incorporated by Brandenburg-Prussia, a small hammer mill was established in 1686 out of which a new ironworks later developed that benefited especially from its proximity to the ore deposits and the availability of wood.
  • is that "potoq" is an onomatopoeic word that reproduces the sound of the hammer against the ore, and oral tradition has it that the town derived its name from this word.
  • There was also a house with a water-powered hammer that crushed the iron ore.
  • The company's roots began in extractive metallurgy, smelting base metal from ore and forging hammer and nails out of a hammer mill.
  • Eisenhammer Dorfchemnitz is an historic hammer mill in Dorfchemnitz in the Ore Mountains of Germany.
  • Due to the iron ore deposits in the area there were many hammer mills along the Preßnitz in the past, for example in Schmalzgrube, Oberschmiedeberg, Mittelschmiedeberg und Niederschmiedeberg.
  • Protestant colonisers arrived during the second half of the 17th century when the exploitation of the great oak forest of Shillelagh was at its peak; many were skilled specialists such as bellows makers, founders, finers and hammer men, who worked in the local ironworks, which used vast quantities of oak for the manufacture of charcoal to smelt iron ore shipped from Bristol.
  • According to tradition, the village was in the beginning located in the "Hámorkert" (Iron Hammer Garden) part also known as "Fejedelem Kertje" (Dukes's Garden).
  • It was therefore reheated in a chafery and hammered and folded using a waterwheel powered trip hammer.
  • Geographically, hammer mills were dependent on the availability of water power.
  • The village of Frohnau is best known for its museum of technology, the Frohnauer Hammer, and the visitor mine of "Markus Röhling Stolln".
  • Clarke (1972); and "Lucifer's Hammer" by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle (1977).
  • A hammerstone is made of a material such as sandstone, limestone or quartzite, is often ovoid in shape (to fit the human hand better), and develops telltale battering marks on one or both ends.
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