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NOUN   osculum | oscula
Osculum {n}
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Übersetzung für 'osculum' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Osculum {n}biol.
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  • The free-swimming larvae is released out the osculum and will eventually settle and attach elsewhere.
  • "Suberites domuncula" is a species of sea sponge belonging to the family Suberitidae. "Suberites domuncula" contain a visible osculum where water exits the body.
  • Gaelic "póg" "kiss" was a later borrowing (from the second word of the Latin phrase "osculum pacis" "kiss of peace") at a stage where "p" was borrowed directly as "p", without substituting "c".
  • Most sponges work rather like chimneys: they take in water at the bottom and eject it from the osculum ("little mouth") at the top.
  • They reproduce sexually, whereby the spermatocysts escape from the sponge via the osculum.
  • The tops of the tube structures of the sponge open to an osculum, where the waste products of the sponge get pumped through.
  • They can have one or two osculum openings on the top, called a preoscule because it forms a small cavity with raised edges.
  • The consistency of the sponge is soft but tough, and it often has an osculum at the top.
  • This sponge filter feeds by taking in water towards the base, filtering it to get the nutrients and food, and then expelling the leftover water out through the osculum.
  • Like many other members of the ordo Velatida, they have a hole in the middle of the central disc called "osculum", from which they can expel mucus for defending against predators.
  • In fact, this sponge is capable of closing its osculum completely, which has been proven to be a useful adaptation for an animal living in sandy environments.
  • By cooperatively moving their flagella, choanocytes filter particles out of the water and into the spongocoel, and out through the osculum.
  • The osculum (plural "oscula") is an excretory structure in the living sponge, a large opening to the outside through which the current of water exits after passing through the spongocoel.
  • There is an osculum at the apex of the sponge. Sponge composed of an ovoid body of thin, tightly and regularly anastomosing tubes, and a solid peduncle without any choanoderm.
  • Water-collecting tubes converge to form conical projections with an osculum.
  • The juveniles have been recorded schooling alongside the juvenile amethyst anthias ("Pseudanthis osculum"), which have a similar colouration.
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