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NOUN   osmolality | osmolalities
Osmolalität {f}
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Übersetzung für 'osmolality' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Osmolalität {f}med.
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  • Urine osmolality is a measure of urine concentration, Plasma osmolality with typical fluid intake often averages approximately 290 mOsm/kg H2O in humans.
  • The osmostat is the regulatory center in the hypothalamus that controls the osmolality of the extracellular fluid.
  • Diatrizoate is considered a high-osmolality contrast agent. Its osmolality ranges from approximately 1500 mOsm/kg (50% solution) to over 2000 mOsm/kg (76% solution).
  • Diagnosis is based on clinical and laboratory findings of low serum osmolality and low serum sodium.
  • The factor binds osmolarity to molarity and osmolality to molality.
  • Blood serum tests can also provide useful information about the osmolality of the body's extracellular fluids.
  • A later study has validated the findings of the Population Council for some water-based products' hyper-osmolality causing some human's cells damage, and better bio-compatibility with low-osmolality water-based products and silicone-based products but failed to corroborate polyquaternium 15 having a role that binds HIV to rectal cells or increase HIV replication.
  • Any significant rise in plasma osmolality is detected by the hypothalamus, which communicates directly with the posterior pituitary gland.
  • Physiologic saline has a fairly compatible osmolality and will not cause cell swelling, but it lacks the metabolites and glucose necessary for maintenance of normal cell metabolism.
  • Ionic brain edema can also occur around the sites of brain hemorrhages, infarcts, or contusions due to a local plasma osmolality pressure gradient when compared to the high osmolality in the affected tissue.
  • Hypersthenuria is a condition where the osmolality of the urine is increased.
  • Hypoosmolar hyponatremia is a condition where hyponatremia associated with a low plasma osmolality. The term "hypotonic hyponatremia" is also sometimes used.
  • It has low osmolality (relatively few molecules per volume), typically resulting in fewer side effects than high-osmolality media.
  • Mermithid nematodes induce water-seeking behavior in their hosts, by relying on altering the host's hemolymph osmolality (concentration of salt) to achieve the same effect.
  • The person' serum osmolality is measured by freezing point depression and then compared with the predicted osmolality based on the person's measured sodium, glucose, blood urea nitrogen, and any ethanol that may have been ingested.
  • It has a low osmolality, meaning that the solution has a relatively low concentration of molecules; this is usually associated with fewer adverse effects than high-osmolality contrast agents.
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