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osmolar {adj}
high-osmolar {adj}
low-osmolar {adj}
osmolar gap
osmotische Lücke {f}
high-osmolar contrast agent
hochosmolares Kontrastmittel {n}
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  • Post-operative T-tube cholangiography is performed on the 10th day post operation where either high osmolar or low osmolar contrast media with concentration of 150 mg/ml with volume of 20 to 30 ml is injected through the T-tube to determine if there is any leak from the biliary tract or remaining stones within the biliary system.
  • Either high osmolar contrast agent such as diatrizoate or low osmolar contrast agent such as Iotalamic acid with concentration of 150 mg per ml can be used.
  • Clinically the osmolar gap is used to detect the presence of an osmotically active particle that is not normally found in plasma, usually a toxic alcohol such as ethanol, methanol or isopropyl alcohol.
  • All four are osmotically active substances found in humans. Accordingly, intoxications as listed below are reasons for an increased osmolar gap.
  • As flow increases, the ability of the loop to maintain its osmolar gradient is reduced.
  • Histamine also causes blood vessels to become porous, allowing the tissue to become edematous because proteins from the bloodstream leak into the extravascular space, which increases its osmolar load and draws water into the area.
  • These must be very carefully and slowly returned to normal, since too-rapid correction of hypernatremia may result in brain damage from cellular swelling, as water moves suddenly into cells with high osmolar content.
  • It was used in form of its salts, metrizoates. Due to its high osmolality, metrizoic acid had a risk of inducing allergic reactions higher than that of lower osmolar contrast media.
  • It is sold under the trade names Imeron and Iomeron. Low osmolar non-ionic agents are better tolerated and less likely to cause side effects than the high osmolar ionic agents.
  • However, a normal osmolar gap does not rule out ethylene glycol exposure because of wide individual variability.
  • It is a low osmolar, non-ionic contrast agent for intravascular use; i.e., it is injected into blood vessels.
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