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NOUN   osmolarity | osmolarities
Osmolarität {f}
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Übersetzung für 'osmolarity' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Osmolarität {f}med.
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  • Species in the family Anaplasmataceae have unique characteristics that can help differentiate them from other families including: sensitivity to mechanical stress, changes in osmolarity, and thawing.
  • Its osmolarity is about 1000 mOsm/L.
  • In most vertebrates, sodium ions are the major determinant of the osmolarity of the extracellular fluid.
  • In most vertebrates, sodium ions are the major determinant of the osmolarity of the extracellular fluid.
  • Percoll is well suited for density gradient experiments because it possesses a low viscosity compared to alternatives, a low osmolarity, and no toxicity towards cells and their constituents.
  • Various sorts of iodinated contrast agents exist, with variations occurring between the osmolarity, viscosity and absolute iodine content.
  • It is also added after electroporation of yeasts in transformation protocols, allowing the cells to recover by raising the osmolarity of the medium.
  • The tear osmolarity test has been proposed as a test for dry eye disease.
  • Measurements of tear osmolarity may be beneficial in diagnosing concurrent dry eye syndrome (DES), which may be responsible for overlapping symptoms and would allow the physician to decipher between conditions and move forward with the most beneficial protocol for the patient.
  • Symptoms of diabetes insipidus should prompt a formal fluid deprivation test to assess the body's response to dehydration, which normally causes concentration of the urine and increasing osmolarity of the blood.
  • The factor binds osmolarity to molarity and osmolality to molality.
  • Damage to the macula densa would impact blood flow to the kidneys because the afferent arterioles would not dilate in response to a decrease in filtrate osmolarity and pressure at the glomerulus would not be increased.
  • Osmoconformers match their body osmolarity to their environment actively or passively.
  • It has tightly packed columnar cells which display reversed polarity and may monitor the osmolarity of blood.
  • These processes are mediated by hormones (aldosterone, vasopressin) and the osmolarity (concentration of electrically charged chemicals) of the surrounding medulla.
  • When the plasma osmolarity is low, the extracellular fluid volume status may be in one of three states: low volume, normal volume, or high volume.
  • The iodine content of metrizoate ranged from 370 mg/ml to 440 mg/ml, with osmolarity has high as 2100 mOsm/kg. The viscosity is 3.4 cP at 37 degree Celsius (human body temperature).
  • Hyperosmolar hyperglycemic state (HHS, sometimes labeled "hyperosmolar non-ketotic state" or HONK) is much more common in type 2 diabetes and features increased plasma osmolarity (above 320 mosm/kg) due to profound dehydration and concentration of the blood; mild acidosis and ketonemia may occur in this state, but not to the extent observed in DKA.
  • Acetic acid (a strong irritant) applied to the hindlimb of frogs elicits vigorous wiping of the exposed skin; both pH and osmolarity may contribute to the nociception produced.
  • In addition to the maintenance of normal cytosolic osmolarity, [...] aquaporins can play a major role in extension growth by allowing an influx of water into expanding cells - a process necessary to sustain plant development.
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