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osmotic balance
osmotisches Gleichgewicht {n}
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Übersetzung für 'osmotic balance' von Englisch nach Deutsch

osmotic balance
osmotisches Gleichgewicht {n}biol.geol.phys.
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  • Volume contraction is a decrease in the volume of body fluid, including the dissolved substances that maintain osmotic balance (osmolytes).
  • In fact, the idea for developing solutes to maintain osmotic balance in other organic matter originated from the osmoregulatory abilities of "Dunaliella".
  • It helps regulate the osmotic balance of the embalming fluid, and it is a decent antirefrigerant.
  • "Halococcus" species are able to survive in high-saline habitats because of chlorine pumps that maintain osmotic balance with the salinity of their habitat, and thus prevent dehydration of the cytoplasm.
  • Glycerol is a relatively polar molecule and therefore attracts water molecules, shifting the osmotic balance and holding some water inside the cells.
  • Potassium chloride uptake by cells helps to maintain osmotic balance during cell growth.
  • Throughout the duration of study, sodium excreted through urine is also low in concentration, and given that the amount of water intake after 6 hours is not sufficient to restore osmotic balance, scientists hypothesize that kassinin triggers an osmotic exchange between intra and intercellular components to maintain water potential.
  • Maintaining a regulated osmotic balance of sugar concentration between the blood circulation and the interstitial spaces is critical in some cases of edema including cerebral edema.
  • Sodium ions for transport and osmotic balance are provided by sodium chloride.
  • A pair of protonephridia open into a bladder that drains into the cloaca. These organs expel water from the body, helping to maintain osmotic balance.
  • Lachrymal glands located behind each eye allow the loggerhead to maintain osmotic balance by eliminating the excess salt obtained from ingesting ocean water.
  • In sharks, this includes a "rectal gland" that secretes salt to help the animal maintain osmotic balance with the seawater.
  • Because the secreted fluid does not allow for osmotic balance with the ingested fluid, studies suggest that the anal papillae aid in salt secretion.
  • So tight junction plays a key role in maintenance of osmotic balance and trans-cellular transport of tissue specific molecules.
  • The gills need ATP to control the osmotic balance of oxygen.
  • Peptides that were translocated across the outer membrane create pores in the cytoplasmic membrane, thereby disrupting the osmotic balance of the cell.
  • The resorption is necessary to dispose of stalled secretions inside the duct - and at least equally important it affects osmotic balance which in turn is an important mechanism in the control of lactogenesis (this is relevant both in puerperal and nonpuerperal mastitis).
  • Although most aquatic organisms have a limited ability to regulate their osmotic balance and therefore can only live within a narrow range of salinity, diadromous fish have the ability to migrate between fresh water and saline water bodies.
  • Although there may be hourly and daily variations in osmotic balance, an animal is generally in an osmotic steady state over the long term.
  • She did extensive studies of the pituitary hormone prolactin, discovering that in killifish prolactin is required to maintain osmotic balance in fresh water; this work was the underpinnings for most research on prolactin in vertebrates.
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