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NOUN   an ozokerite | ozokerites
SYNO ader wax | earth wax | mineral wax | ...
ozokerite [also: ozocerite]
Ozokerit {n}
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Übersetzung für 'ozokerite' von Englisch nach Deutsch

ozokerite [also: ozocerite]
Ozokerit {n}chem.
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • Edison's method was to indent the sound waves on a piece of tin-foil while Bell and Tainter's invention called for cutting or "engraving" the sound waves into an ozokerite wax record with a sharp recording stylus.
  • In addition to the railroad, the mining and milling of ozokerite was important in the local economy.
  • The D’Arcy Concession was signed in 1901 and allowed D'Arcy to explore, obtain, and market oil, natural gas, asphalt, and ozokerite in Persia.
  • Materials such as wax, gutta-percha (natural latex), and ultimately ozokerite were used.
  • Zietrisikite is a naturally occurring waxy hydrocarbon compound. It is very similar to ozokerite and is found at Zietrisika, Moldavia.
  • Ozokerite deposits are believed to have originated in much the same way as mineral veins, the slow evaporation and oxidation of petroleum having resulted in the deposition of its dissolved paraffin in the fissures and crevices previously occupied by the liquid.
  • The ozokerite could be used to produce naphtha fuel for the broad-gauge locomotives.
  • A wax derived from the purification of the natural wax ozokerite.
  • Its name derives from a combination of the word "Carbon" and κηρός (Keros), meaning beeswax or honeycomb in Ancient Greek, since the acid can be found in the mineral ozokerite, also known as ozocerite.
  • The purifying process of the ozokerite commonly comprises a treatment with heat and sulfuric acid, but other processes are also in use.
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