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to pace up and downauf und ab gehen
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Übersetzung für 'pace up and down' von Englisch nach Deutsch

to pace up and down
auf und ab gehen
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • The story moves at a fast pace, occasionally slowing down and recounting the same scene up to three times but focusing on different details or taking a different perspective each time.
  • Basically, athletes will run a small amount at a hard pace, work their way up, and work their way back down with timed breaks in between.
  • In Australian rules football, the wingers require considerable pace and stamina, as they run up and down the ground linking play between defence and attack and are normally highly skilled in kicking.
  • Robson said in his autobiography that in one of his last matches for England under Graham Taylor, he was played bizarrely on the left wing, even though he had never played there for club and no longer had the pace to get up and down the line at the age of 34.
  • The carriages ran on two parallel concrete beams and were guided by pulleys running on the inner side of these concrete beams, and were propelled by gripping a revolving screw thread running between the tracks in a pit; by adjusting the pitch of this thread at different points, the carriages could be sped up, or slowed down to a walking pace at stations, to allow passengers to join and leave.
  • circuit, setting a high pace to chase down the breakaway and stop attacks from developing.
  • For "Transformer," the original up-tempo pace of these songs was slowed down.
  • The pace of rearmament accelerated under Adolf Hitler, and the first Type II U-boat was laid down on 11 February 1935.
  • This was the first time the race format had used galloping Thoroughbreds to prompt the pace, with one running beside Dan Patch at the start and the other behind.
  • when the team returned to Australia for a two test series with New Zealand, but generally seemed down on pace.
  • If a runner feels that the pace or distance is no longer challenging, then the runner may want to speed up or run farther.
  • He gained one place at the first corner but then could not keep the pace of the cars in front.
  • These factors helped to drive the killing's fast pace.
  • Jillette enhanced the drama of the performance by drastically accelerating the pace of his recital after the first few stanzas, greatly reducing the time that Teller had left to work free from his bonds.
  • Spin bowlers can also be used tactically in shorter forms of the game, to 'take the pace off the ball'.
  • This allowed Barking goods yard to be closed prior to the extensive re-modelling taking pace at that location.
  • Starting from Ssanggyesa (the "sa" suffix indicates a Buddhist temple), the peak can be reached in four hours at a steady pace.
  • Daniels recommends that most training miles are performed in E pace.
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