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NOUN   pacemaking | -
pacemakingSchrittmachen {n}
pacemakingSchrittmacherdienst {m}
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Übersetzung für 'pacemaking' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Schrittmachen {n}

Schrittmacherdienst {m}
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • Christian Vande Velde was the first GC contender to be dropped from the yellow jersey group, cracked by the pacemaking being done by Andy Schleck.
  • Wandering atrial pacemaker (WAP) is an atrial rhythm where the pacemaking activity of the heart originates from different locations within the atria.
  • Victor Parsonnet (born August 29, 1924) is an American cardiac surgeon who contributed significantly to the evolution of cardiac pacemaking.
  • In a study of dynamogenic stimulation for the purpose of explaining pacemaking and competition in 1898, Norman Triplett theorized that "the bodily presence of another rider is a stimulus to the racer in arousing the competitive instinct..."
  • First described in the late 1970s in Purkinje fibers and sinoatrial myocytes, the cardiac pacemaker "funny" (If) current has been extensively characterized and its role in cardiac pacemaking has been investigated.
  • He competed for several more years often accepting pacemaking role.
  • The development of the silicon transistor and its first commercial availability in 1956 was the pivotal event that led to the rapid development of practical cardiac pacemaking.
  • It is a protective mechanism for the heart, to compensate for the SA node no longer handling the pacemaking activity, and is one of a series of backup sites that can take over pacemaker function when the SA node fails to do so.
  • The world record has never been broken or equalled at the competition by either men or women, reflecting the lack of pacemaking and athletes' more tactical approach to championship races.
  • Lightwood was awarded the Official Degree of BSc (Pure Science) in 1974 by Birmingham University for which he submitted a thesis entitled 'An inductively coupled system for electrical pacemaking of the heart'.
  • Following his world championship appearance, he returned to pacemaking duties on the marathon circuit.
  • He spent the whole of 2010 in the region and took on pacemaking duties at the Xiamen International Marathon and the Seoul International Marathon – he completed the latter race and was fourth with a time of 2:09:00.
  • Chebet began pacemaking in marathon races in 2009 and made his competitive debut over the distance in 2010.
  • He appeared set to win and break the course record in Singapore for a third time but Elijah Mbogo, who was employed for pacemaking duties, decided to keep going after 30 km.
  • Purkinje fibers also have the ability of firing at a rate of 20–40 beats per minute if upstream conduction or pacemaking ability is compromised.
  • Arashiro was last of the three in the sprint for the stage win, but received much praise for his combativity on the stage in starting the break and in his pacemaking, which helped them stay away.
  • Geoffrey Gordon Wickham [...] (born 28 October 1933) is one of the pioneers of cardiac pacemaking.
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