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NOUN   a pail | pails
SYNO bucket | pail | pailful
pailEimer {m}
pailEimerchen {n}
pail [with press-on lid]Hobbock {m}
2 Wörter
beer pailBierkübel {m}
coal pail [coal scuttle]Kohlenschütte {f} [Kohleneimer]
diaper pail [Am.]Windeleimer {m}
garbage pail [Am.]Mülleimer {m}
garbage pail [Am.]Müllpütz {f} [ugs.] [regional]
lunch pail
Henkelmann {m} [ugs.]
lunch pail [Am.]Lunchbox {f}
lunch pail [Am.]Brotdose {f}
lunch pail [Am.]Butterbrotdose {f}
lunch pail [Am.]Brotzeitdose {f} [südd.]
milk pailMilcheimer {m}
milking pailMelkeimer {m}
mustard pail [esp. Am.]
Senfeimer {m}
nappy pail [Br.]Windeleimer {m}
slop pailToiletteneimer {m}
steel pailStahlkübel {m} [Verpackungs­eimer]
steel pailStahleimer {m} [meist Verpackung]
steel pailStahlblecheimer {m} [meist Verpackung]
3 Wörter
lunch / dinner pailMenagereindl {n} [österr., Wien] [veraltend]
lunch pail Democrat [Am.]
[Politiker, der dem Arbeitnehmerflügel der Demokratischen Partei angehört]
4 Wörter
(Faraday's) ice-pail experiment
Eiseimerversuch {m} (von Faraday)
5+ Wörter
to bring a pail of watereinen Eimer Wasser holen
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • A battered metal lunch pail was chosen as a symbol of a no-name, blue-collar defense.
  • The municipality’s arms might in English heraldic language be described thus: Argent a well boom with pail to sinister sable, on a base vert a "Stutzweck" Or.
  • Since the 1995 season, a battered metal lunch pail has been the symbol of Virginia Tech's blue-collar mentality on defense.
  • On the assumption that "bucket" and "pail" mean the same, the pattern of characters B: "If you have a bucket, then you have a pail" contains ten word-tokens, seven word-types, and six word-meanings.
  • Situla is the Latin for bucket or pail, and is used in archaeology and art history for a variety of historic objects with this shape.
  • Won't somebody bring me a pail?
  • There he transformed into an old man carrying a bailing pail made of palm.
  • In the Philippines, "timba" (pail) and "tabo" (dipper) are two essentials in every bathroom.
  • Not all toilets in the Philippines have an automatic flush, so instead, a "timbâ" (generally a plastic pail with a metal handle) and a "tabò" kept floating inside it is used.
  • The term "lunchpail" is also used more broadly as a metaphor for the working class, and in addition to "Democrat" is paired with other terms, such as "lunch pail liberal" or "lunch pail socialism".
  • The first milking machines were an extension of the traditional milking pail.
  • And dwindle even as water in a pail!
  • Salwāǧá corresponds with the tropical Zodiac sign Aquarius. "Salwāǧá" literally means "pail of water" in Pashto.
  • Improved water supplies and sewerage systems in England led directly to the replacement of the pail closet during the early 20th century.
  • Cragin made a specialty type measure called a "piggin", a small wooden pail with a handle formed by continuing one of the staves above the rim.
  • Towns with sanitation systems based on pail closets (bucket toilets in outhouses) relied on frequent emptying, performed by workers driving "honeywagons", a precursor to the vacuum truck now used to pump out septage from septic tanks.
  • It takes the mothers several minutes to realize they're being followed by the wrong child; it isn't until the bear cub tries to eat from Sal's mother's bucket and the mother bear hears the "ku-plink, ku-plank, ku-plunk" sound of Sal dropping blueberries into her tin pail that they realize what happened.
  • He used four pails, each supported on a nonconductive pad inside the next.
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