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pampas deer [Ozotoceros bezoarticus]
Kamphirsch {m}
pampas deer [Ozotoceros bezoarticus]
Pampashirsch {m}
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Übersetzung für 'pampas deer' von Englisch nach Deutsch

pampas deer [Ozotoceros bezoarticus]
Kamphirsch {m}zool.T

Pampashirsch {m}zool.T
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  • Grazing mammals include the Pampas Deer "(Ozotoceros bezoarticus)", the Gray Brocket or Guazuvirá Deer "(Mazama gouazoubira)", and the capybara "(Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris)", the world's largest living rodent.
  • The southern shore includes Campos del Tuyú National Park, home to a population of rare Pampas deer.
  • The Pampas deer are very curious and like to explore. Although this is endearing to observers, their lack of fleeing at the sight of humans makes them easier for poachers to kill.
  • Numerous protected species have been affected in one of the few spaces in which they survive in Paraguay and Argentina, including pampas deer, capybara, certain water birds and yacare caiman.
  • Fauna of the "cerrado" include maned wolf ("Chrysocyon brachyurus") and pampas deer ("Ozotoceros bezoarticus").
  • There are large numbers of animals including the maned wolf, pampas deer, armadillo and anteater.
  • Grazing mammals include the Pampas deer "(Ozotoceros bezoarticus)", the brocket or Guazuvirá deer "(Mazama gouazoubira)", and the capybara "(Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris)", the world's largest living rodent.
  • In 1992 Vida Silvestre launched a campaign for "adoption" of Pampas deer: this is a grassland species in critical danger of extinction with only 4 small populations in the country.
  • Some authors have recorded active pursuits of the Pampas deer.
  • Alto Pelado is a village and municipality in San Luis Province in central Argentina. It's known in the region for hosting the Pampas Deer Festival.
  • Thousands of years ago members of the archaeologically-missing Ayampitín Culture frequented these uplands, establishing temporary camps for hunting guanaco, pampas deer and the large mammals once abundant here.
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