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VERB   to pamper | pampered | pampered
pampering | pampers
SYNO to baby | to cocker | to coddle | ...
to pamper sb.jdn. verwöhnen
to pamper sb.jdn. verhätscheln [ugs.]
to pamperverzärteln
to pamper sb.jdn. hätscheln
to pamper sb.
jdn. pampern [ugs.] [hätscheln, verwöhnen; besonders Kunden / Sportler, um sie an ein Unternehmen / einen Verein zu binden]
to pamper sth. [skin]etw. pflegen [Haut]
to pamper sb.jdn. hegen und pflegen
2 Wörter
to pamper vanityEitelkeit fördern
3 Wörter
to pamper a childein Kind verhätscheln [ugs.]
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  • com, "an online subscription box of products to indulge, inspire and pamper moms with every purchase benefiting a charity."
  • The southern route so helped enhance trade between the ancient Roman Empire and the Indian subcontinent, that Roman politicians and historians are on record decrying the loss of silver and gold to buy silk to pamper Roman wives, and the southern route grew to eclipse and then totally supplant the overland trade route.
  • The setting for the story is a near-future Japan where politicians and businessmen pamper and lavish themselves amidst growing public unrest, while excessive corruption and speculation lead the country to a massive economic downfall, increasing the public deficit to an enormous seven hundred trillion yen and triggering an economic recession.
  • Alpo is also known for its marketing campaigns that target the owners of "real dogs", making light of consumers who pamper their dogs.
  • A pamper party, or pampering party, is a female-oriented party in which the guests receives beauty and massage treatments and generally spend time to indulge and pamper themselves.
  • Even when she was in a position to pamper herself, she preferred to maintain her simple way of life.
  • The "Queer Guru" said the film is not for the "faint-hearted and neither will it ever pamper to a mainstream audience, it is for queers...and was made by a group of enlightened and talented queers".
  • After losing her father at a very young age in a car accident which also made her mother sick for a long time, she was brought up by her paternal aunt and uncle (Gayatree Rakshit and Hirak Subhra Rakshit) who pamper her.
  • Her first name means to use non-monetary wealth to pamper, and her surname means a rich man uses a chieftaincy title to top off their wealth.
  • They pamper them, give regular bath to keep them cool.
  • She hosts a yearly prom pamper party for underprivileged high school girls from New York City centered around female empowerment.
  • Decius's friend Rufus assures him that he will enjoy himself, since Alexandria is a beautiful city and King Ptolemy's court always goes to absurd lengths to flatter and pamper Roman visitors, especially those of Senatorial rank.
  • The paper presented the documentation of a ‘pamper day’ to which Bolkestein was treated by the artist in Rotterdam’s museum district.
  • Since some families have no children, they instead pamper and lavish their pets like they would do their own children.
  • Mahotsav is a delight for the connoisseurs of good food as it is the ideal place to pamper the taste buds of the visitors with endless varieties of scrumptious dishes as a wide range of cuisines are available at the festival, including Kesaria Doodh, Kabab-parathas and other mouth-watering non-vegetarian exotic dishes.
  • Everyone gives an example: Marshall did a high school classmate's homework and was her "secret boyfriend", Robin allows her pre-morning show cameraman to pamper her, and Lily's high school flame, Scooter (David Burtka), works at her school as cafeteria staff, where she doesn't exactly tell him that a romantic relationship is impossible.
  • Rhiannon's posh and snobby mother assumes that Charlie is an unfit father and repeatedly tries to lecture him and pamper Floss believing she is living in an unclean dump.
  • A scholar notes of "The Age We Live In" (1809) and "Runnemede" (1825) (and by implication of the others) that they are didactic novels aimed at younger female readers, for it was, in Stanhope's words, "requisite to pamper the insatiate palate of romance-readers; else would the page be cast aside, and the poor author stigmatized with dullness and insipidity."
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