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ADJ   pampered | more pampered | most pampered
VERB   to pamper | pampered | pampered
pampering | pampers
pampered {adj} {past-p}verhätschelt
pampered {adj} {past-p}verzärtelt
sb. pamperedjd. verzärtelte
pampered childHätschelkind {n} [oft pej.]
pampered female [accustomed to luxury]Luxusweibchen {n} [meist pej.]
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  • Broadly speaking "Footballer's wife" and "WAG" were synonymous, but the latter was more generic, while the former connoted someone who seemed particularly pampered, perhaps with some of the characteristics also of an "Essex girl".
  • Even though eventually Auwjong Pauw became a successful tobacco lord, he never pampered his children.
  • Patricio Schiavone grew up as the only son Jorge Schiavone and his wife Graciela had. He admits to having a pampered childhood and enjoying the fact his parents gave him many things he asked for.
  • The series is a comedic competition that teams 10 expert survivalists with pampered partners.
  • For example, pampered cattle, used for Kobe beef, are often castrated by this method because of the reduced risk of bleeding and infection.
  • Municipal is believed to have the largest fan base of all Guatemalan clubs, and that their popularity have earned them nicknames like "El mimado de la afición" (Fans' pampered team) and "El equipo del pueblo" (People's team).
  • "Cat Problems", published August 3, 2021, is a comedic picture book about a pampered house cat.
  • Four girls leave their pampered lives due to some missteps (both intentional and unintentional) and enlist themselves into the military, where they are trained by two leering officers.
  • It is about a pampered cat called Mr. Pusskins who craves adventure but, after experiencing such an escapade, realises how fortunate his life is.
  • During an opulent and luxurious banquet, attended by servers and valets, eleven pampered guests participate in what appears to be ritualistic gastronomic carnage.
  • The dogs Owen walks include pampered Poodle Barbara Ann (voiced by Delta Burke), rambunctious Boxer Wilson (voiced by Donald Faison), nervous Italian Greyhound Nelly (voiced by Brittany Murphy) and Connie's gassy Bernese Mountain Dog Shep (voiced by Carl Reiner).
  • They are typically born during the 1990s to 2000s, belong to middle-class families, and are pampered and spoiled by family members.
  • A spellbound young Prince John gazes as his family attend an elaborate birthday party for his pampered and indulged grandmother Queen Alexandra in December 1908, held at Sandringham in Norfolk during the winter.
  • Due to this pampered yet unloving treatment, Dunevon can act extremely spoiled, though Tabur Sibigad, does his best to treat him like a regular boy.
  • Accustomed to a lavish lifestyle, Mike has pampered his daughter, January, providing her with an expensive education in Europe and everything else money can buy.
  • Kunjulakshmi is the only daughter of the aristocratic Kavumpattu family in Peruvannapuram. She is pampered by her five brothers and is arrogant. The family owns the local college.
  • Anna Wright: Wright's mother. Smart woman who pampered Wright as a child and adult.
  • The series is story of a bittersweet relationship between the pampered Chandni Kanaujia (Priyanka Purohit) and the simple Arjun Sharma (Tarun Mahilani).Who were unwantedly tied knot for the Society & Conspiracies.
  • com mocked the rescue, calling Sam "pampered"; this drew significant reader backlash and attention.
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