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NOUN   a pampered child | pampered children
pampered childHätschelkind {n} [oft pej.]
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Übersetzung für 'pampered child' von Englisch nach Deutsch

pampered child
Hätschelkind {n} [oft pej.]
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • Patricia Echegaray is a pampered child, who is forced to marry a ruthless business man in order to save her family’s fortune.
  • Zunaira is a spoilt brat and a pampered child. She is spoiled by her family and does not care about anyone but herself.
  • Her husband Emperor Ningzong was a man who had been brought up as a pampered child, he was the unfortunate victim of the terrible family conflicts between both His father the Emperor Guangzong and his grandfather the Retired Emperor Xiaozong a situation which exacerbated with the intense rivalries between his mother the Empress Li and his Great Grandmother the Grand Empress Dowager Wu.
  • The character is introduced as a spoiled and pampered child, but appears later in the novel as a ragged and impoverished teenager who speaks in the argot of the Parisian streets, while retaining vestiges of her former charm and innocence.
  • The show takes off from the point when Avanti, now eighteen years old, relates to the viewer her journey from when she was a pampered child of her parents in Muzaffarpur to how she was orphaned and banished to being an extremely ill-treated housemaid (in her own Bua's house) in the far-away land of Mauritius.
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