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ADJ   perched | more perched | most perched
VERB   to perch | perched | perched
perching | perches
perched {adj}niedergelassen [sich gesetzt]
perched {past-p}sich niedergesetzt
perched {past-p}sich niedergelassen [sich gesetzt]
perched aquifer
schwebender Grundwasserleiter {m} <schwebender GWL>
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  • It is perched on a high plateau, which dominates the region.
  • The commune is perched on a mountaintop and has stairs instead of roads.
  • Unlike many cormorants, this species does not spread its wings when it is perched.
  • Salamanders from a population in Supatá were observed foraging on shrubs and perched on leaves at night.
  • A perched water table (or perched aquifer) is an aquifer that occurs above the regional water table.
  • For the Navy, the device depicts an eagle perched on top of a shield of stars and stripes with two crossed anchors behind it.
  • Lake Boomanjin is considered the largest perched lake in the world, meaning that the lake floor is above the water table.
  • Dominant northwesterly winds eventually caused blowing sand to become perched on the banks.
  • The dogs are all looking up towards a large bone perched on the fountain's peak.
  • Ariel the mermaid is perched on a rock.
  • Other houses perched on a hill.
  • The figure's left hand holds a globe with an eagle perched on top.
  • They often slowly lower and raise their tails while perched.
  • The Mascarene martin is a relatively quiet bird, but it has a warbled "siri-liri siri-liri" song given in flight or when perched; some calls given by perched birds end in a glissando.
  • "C. campbelli" is typically found at night, perched on leaves [...] above the ground.
  • One vocalization of the azure-crowned hummingbird is "a low, fairly hard, buzzy "dzzzrt" that is given in flight and perched; when perched it might be "repeated steadily".
  • The image of [...] perched on their stilts comes from this period.
  • These frogs have been found perched on top of limestone rocks within large rock formations in the forest and around the entrances to cave systems; males have also been observed up to 5 m inside caves, some perched above ground within depressions and holes in the karst rock walls.
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