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NOUN   a plan view | plan views
plan (view)
Grundriss {m}
plan viewDraufsicht {f}
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Übersetzung für 'plan view' von Englisch nach Deutsch

plan (view)
Grundriss {m}archi.constr.
plan view
Draufsicht {f}
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • The shape is strongly asymmetrical, especially in plan view, with a bulged right handgrip and smaller, tapered left-hand side.
  • While most of the suspension arms were in common with Lotus 22, the angle of the rear radius arms on the plan view was different from the narrower-frame Lotus 22, so they were not interchangeable with the 22.
  • A specific sub-type of the section post is the Seagull trench named for its W-shaped plan view like a seagull's wings.
  • Except for a curve west of the west end of Pier 72 that totals just under a degree, the two tracks are straight (in plan view).
  • The product of the calculations is usually a set of isopleths or mapped contour lines either in plan view or cross sectional view.
  • Although it is rarely possible to see a large maze in plan view, Coate's designs would often incorporate hidden shapes and references of significance to the clients who had commissioned the maze.
  • In plan view, these are U-shaped or V-shaped mounds of well-sorted, very fine to medium sand with elongated arms that extend upwind behind the central part of the dune.
  • Before the development of the compass rose, a wind rose was included on maps in order to let the reader know which directions the 8 major winds (and sometimes 8 half-winds and 16 quarter-winds) blew within the plan view.
  • The pit is oblong in plan view and is approximately 3.5 kilometres long, 1.5 kilometres wide and over 600 metres deep.
  • In plan view the almost crescent shape of the leading edge is similar to the Discus but is tapered in three stages.
  • The shape (in plan view), dimensions and depth of mine shafts vary greatly in response to the specific needs of the mine they are part of and the geology they are sunk through.
  • The 1874-model was made of tinplated steel and had a "D" plan view with rounded corners.
  • The 9020A and 9020D CCCs carried out flight and radar data processing but needed an attached display complex to provide a plan view display to the air traffic controllers.
  • This is the generic term for all of the archaeological evidence contained within the cut, particularly when seen in plan view, including any artefacts that have been introduced during the cutting and filling sequence.
  • Most commonly contour lines are drawn in plan view, or as an observer in space would view the Earth's surface: ordinary map form.
  • A plan view is an orthographic projection of a three-dimensional object from the position of a horizontal plane through the object.
  • In traditional Christian architecture, the plan view of a church often forms a Christian cross; the center aisle and seating representing the vertical beam with the bema and altar forming the horizontal.
  • Dense study of schizophrenia, but includes two pages of "2. Longhouse architecture: Ruai, bilik and sadau", with a plan view and elevation view; and detailed references.
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