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plant uptake
Stoffaufnahme {f} von Pflanzen
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Übersetzung für 'plant uptake' von Englisch nach Deutsch

plant uptake
Stoffaufnahme {f} von Pflanzenbot.
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  • The ISNT is a new (2007) method for measuring nitrogen available for plant uptake.
  • Soil moisture may be lost to the surface or atmosphere directly, or through plant uptake – this is called evapotranspiration.
  • In immobilization, inorganic nutrients are taken up by soil microbes and become unavailable for plant uptake.
  • Many clay soils drain very slowly, and as a result they are usually wetter than PL unless they are dried by water extraction by plant uptake.
  • Catchments are commonly used to determine sprinkler DU and one must be reminded that data collection most often occurs above grade and above the root zone where plant uptake normally occurs.
  • , exact mechanisms behind the plant uptake of endrin have not been understood.
  • The main routes of dissipation of imidacloprid in the environment are aqueous photolysis (half-life = 1–4 hours) and plant uptake.
  • Nutrients not taken up by soil organisms may be available for plant uptake.
  • Lower levels of nitrogen loss during fall were found when it was warmer (more plant uptake) and dryer (less loss due to leaching).
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