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NOUN   plant waste | plant wastes
plant waste
Pflanzenabfall {m}
plant waste {sg}
Pflanzenabfälle {pl}
3 Wörter
(waste) incinerating plantMüllverbrennungs­anlage {f}
waste disposal plant
Abfallbeseitigungs­anlage {f}
waste incineration plantMüllverbrennungs­anlage {f}
waste incineration plant
Abfallverbrennungs­anlage {f}
waste incineration plant [providing both heat and energy]Müllheizkraftwerk {n} <MHKW>
waste recovery plant
Müllverwertungs­anlage {f}
waste recycling plant
Müllverwertungs­anlage {f}
waste treatment plant
Abfallbehandlungs­anlage {f}
waste utilization plantMüllverwertungs­anlage {f}
4 Wörter
compost of plant waste
Pflanzenabfallkompost {m}
energy-from-waste plant [providing both heat and energy]Müllheizkraftwerk {n} <MHKW>
toxic-waste disposal plant
Giftmüllentsorgungs­anlage {f}
waste management facility plantEntsorgungs­anlage {f}
waste of plant origin
pflanzlicher Abfall {m}
waste water purification plant
Abwasserreinigungs­anlage {f}
waste water treatment plant [also: waste-water treatment plant]
Abwasserreinigungs­anlage {f}
waste-fired power plantMüllkraftwerk {n} <MKW>
waste-to-energy plant [providing both heat and energy]Müllheizkraftwerk {n} <MHKW>
waste-to-energy plant <WtE plant, WTE plant>Müllheizwerk {n} <MHW>
waste-to-energy plant <WtE plant, WTE plant>
Müllverbrennungs­anlage {f} <MVA>
waste-to-heat plantMüllheizwerk {n} <MHW>
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  • The larva also eat leaves and other plant waste. It is important to not mix coniferous material in the substrate for these beetles as it may harm the larvae.
  • the heating up of the Baltic Sea by the nuclear power plant waste heat.
  • Different types of waste input (such as plant waste, food waste, tyres) placed in the pyrolysis process potentially yield an alternative to fossil fuels.
  • At the main production facility, the company owns its own steam generator, which uses plant waste to generate electricity used in the harvesting and packaging of its macadamia seeds.
  • Since then, countless alternatives, produced chemically or by other bacteria, plants, seaweed and plant waste have sprung up as solutions.
  • of plant waste yearly: two thirds are prepared into the heating material for the nurseries, while the rest is treated into the compost for the public green areas.
  • 3E and 3E/1 machines were and are still used for transporting filling sand, power plant waste and coal, especially in Upper Silesia region.
  • The organism can live in symbiosis with several plant species by enhancing phosphate uptake by the root structure while feeding off plant waste products.
  • Around triple the amount of plant waste was collected during a one-month period after the storm.
  • All diseased plant waste should be disposed of either by burning or sealed in plastic bags and taken to a sanitary landfill.
  • There is no tailings discharge from the process and no tailings dam: all plant waste is dewatered and transported back to the mine waste dumps for disposal.
  • In 2013 South Korea banned the import of fish from eight prefectures in Japan due to growing concerns over the Fukushima nuclear power plant waste incident, after Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) declared the incident to be a radioactive waste a couple of years after the earthquake.
  • Nukem Technologies builds the interim used fuel storage facility and the solid waste facility for the closed Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant.
  • The boiler was also successfully fired with bagasse, plant waste or refuse.
  • The original boilers were developed to burn coal, but they have been used since to burn many sorts of wood or plant waste.
  • Yet other unusual recorded foods are dry leaves, plant waste, and old roots.
  • The netting appears too fine to have been used for hunting and fishing, and is thought to have been used to transport plant waste; this interpretation is supported by ethnography, and by the fact that the netting was found in association with plant waste.
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