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plant worldPflanzenreich {n}
plant world
Pflanzenwelt {f}
world-scale plantGroßanlage {f}
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Übersetzung für 'plant world' von Englisch nach Deutsch

plant world
Pflanzenreich {n}

Pflanzenwelt {f}bot.ecol.

world-scale plant
Großanlage {f}
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  • In his book "Attempt of a History of the Plant World" (1852) he devoted a chapter to the evolution of plants.
  • Some people have objected against extending the results of model organisms to the plant world.
  • The plant world of the Hunsrück is rich and varied.
  • A flower can be considered a powerful evolutionary innovation, because its presence allowed the plant world to access new means and mechanisms for reproduction.
  • All of the species have soft, pithy wood. "Scalesia" species have been called "the Darwin's finches of the plant world" because they show a similarly dramatic pattern of adaptive radiation.
  • She explored world religions, atoms, and the plant world and wrote extensively about her discoveries.
  • In his 1954 dissertation "The Relation of the Hanunoo Culture to the Plant World", Harold Conklin coined the term ethnoecology when he described his approach as "ethnoecological".
  • Due to the great diversity of the plant world, many species of birds and wild animals can be found here.
  • On the contrary, the Aguaruna’s view of the plant world provides additional support for the hypothesis that the concept of rank is fundamental to all systems of folk biological classification" (1976).
  • 1755, a study of the plant world in Piedmont, in which he listed 2813 species of plants, of which 237 were previously unknown.
  • She makes her way to the compost machine room, and Chase confronts her, telling her he's become part of the plant world thanks to the Krynoid.
  • Wahlenberg made his main work in the field of plant geography and published, among other things the "Flora lapponica" (1812) and other works on the plant world of northernmost Sweden.
  • After a friend's recommendation, Wiese tried out for the Power Plant, World Championship Wrestling (WCW)'s professional wrestling school.
  • The first individual to study the emic perspective of the plant world was a German physician working in Sarajevo at the end of the 19th century: Leopold Glück.
  • The idea of birth from the limbs is based on an analogy with the plant world.
  • Today it is clear that a rich animal and plant world has been created without the risk of major flooding.
  • Beside the broadening of the scientific base for the researchers and teachers, it also aimed to allow visitors to get in contact with the high variability of the plant world.
  • Ancient Greek philosopher Theophrastus divided the plant world into trees, shrubs, and herbs.
  • It is said that the "Flora Sinensis" was the first book that used the name "Flora" in this meaning, a book covering the plant world of a region.
  • He edited "The Plant World" from 1905 to 1908, and was co-author of "The Teaching of Biology in the Secondary Schools" (1904; second edition, 1914).
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