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plaque formation
Plaquebildung {f}
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Übersetzung für 'plaque formation' von Englisch nach Deutsch

plaque formation
Plaquebildung {f}dent.med.
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  • Beginning two to three weeks after first plaque formation, the established lesion is widespread in both human and animals populations and can be seen commonly associated with the placement of orthodontic bands on molars.
  • There is often thickening of the epithelium or plaque formation seen.
  • Gautenerumab, the first fully human MAB that preferentially interacts with oligomerized Aβ plaques in the brain, caused significant reduction in Aβ concentration in Phase I clinical trials, preventing plaque formation and concentration without altering plasma concentration of the brain.
  • Trans double bonds are claimed to induce a linear conformation to the molecule, favoring its rigid packing as in plaque formation.
  • Alefacept is used to control inflammation in moderate to severe psoriasis with plaque formation, where it interferes with lymphocyte activation.
  • At this point, foam cells can either be degraded though the de-esterification and secretion of cholesterol, or can further promote foam cell development and plaque formation – a process that is dependent on the balance of free cholesterol and esterified cholesterol.
  • These genetic variations alter β-amyloid homeostasis contributing to its accumulation and plaque formation.
  • The other arm had the previously developed high-affinity anti-BACE1 binding site that would inhibit BACE1 function and prevent amyloid plaque formation.
  • In a mouse model of Alzheimer's plaque formation, IL-1-alpha effects an increase in perlecan expression in response to brain injury.
  • A study on molecular markers in human aortic endothelial cells published that aglycone stopped cell migration but not monocyte adhesion, which is the initial step of atherosclerotic plaque formation.
  • These foam cells often become trapped in the walls of blood vessels and contribute to atherosclerotic plaque formation.
  • Amyloid plaque formation may be linked to hemorrhage from brain microvessels.
  • On the other hand, it is during sleep that beta-amyloid residues are degraded to prevent plaque formation.
  • Preventing plaque formation is thought to enable a cell to rid itself of this otherwise toxic protein form and, thus, help prevent and maybe even treat the disease.
  • In another study, it was shown that Aβ deposition and plaque formation can be reduced by sustained expression of the neprilysin (an endopeptidase) gene which also led to improvements on the behavioural (i.e.
  • The resulting mutations may contribute to unregulated growth of vascular smooth muscle cells or to their migration to the inside of the artery, which are steps in plaque formation.
  • The effectiveness of electric toothbrushes at reducing plaque formation and gingivitis is superior to conventional manual toothbrushes.
  • This is because it is not a substrate for dental plaque formation and it is not rapidly fermented by oral bacteria.
  • Calculus is detrimental to gingival health because it serves as a trap for increased plaque formation and retention; thus, calculus, along with other factors that cause a localized build-up of plaque, is referred to as a secondary aetiology of periodontitis.
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