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VERB   to preach | preached | preached
preaching | preaches
SYNO to advocate | to preach | to prophesy
to preachpredigen
to preach sth. [fig.] [advocate]etw.Akk. propagieren [geh.]
to preach
salbadern [pej.] [veraltend] [im Predigtton feierlich und zu lange reden]
2 Wörter
to preach cautionzur Vorsicht mahnen
to preach sb.'s funeraldie Trauerfeier für jdn. abhalten
3 Wörter
to preach the Gospel
das Evangelium predigen
4 Wörter
Practise what you preach! [Br.]
Lass Worten Taten folgen!
to preach to deaf ears [fig.]
tauben Ohren predigen [fig.]
to preach to the choir [Am.]
offene Türen einrennen
to preach to the converted
offene Türen einrennen
to preach to the winds
in den Wind reden
to proclaim / preach the Gospel
das Evangelium verkündigen
5+ Wörter
to preach the Word of God
das Wort Gottes verkündigen [geh.]
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • The album also includes the raunchy preacher skits that she later revised for her third solo album, "Preach On Sister, Preach On!
  • After this, David would spend four years traveling to hold services with other clergymen and women, and then another five years to preach but in his own language before going back to Fort Yukon to preach for three years.
  • A License to Preach in Methodist churches is the official authorization of a person to preach the Gospel and to do other tasks of ministry so authorized (for ordained ministers, this includes administering the sacraments).
  • Unless a particular bishop has forbidden it, any bishop may preach throughout the Catholic Church and any priest or deacon may also preach anywhere (presuming the permission of local pastor) unless his faculty to preach has been restricted or removed.
  • In London, he was also much sought after to preach at various places, by special invitation.
  • Although he continued to preach Unitarianism, he became increasingly critical of all forms of institutional religion and denominationalism, and refused to let his name be added to a list of Unitarian ministers published by the General Assembly of Unitarian and Free Christian Churches in 1928.
  • There was some resistance to the interdiction: for instance, Roman Catholic priests who were forbidden to preach in French started to preach in Walloon in order to avoid having to preach in German.
  • He was also obliged to preach.
  • In 1869 he was licensed to preach as a Church of Scotland by the Presbytery of Edinburgh.
  • John Wesley had reassured another Irish preacher, Alice Cambridge, that she should follow her heart if she was inclined to preach, but she should not preach near a male preacher as she may take some of his audience.
  • His office in the school board were in Raleigh, while his primary church responsibilities were in Charlotte North Carolina, so he would travel to Charlotte on weekends three Sundays per month to preach.
  • Hutton first conducted a special meeting at the Undercliffe Corps and he quickly received requests to preach from all over the country from other Salvation Army units.
  • Historically, as in other Christian denominations, many Methodist churches did not typically allow women to preach or exercise authority over men.
  • He subsequently felt that God was calling him to preach, and the New York Annual Conference granted him a license to preach in 1793.
  • First, she has Marshall come to class to preach pacifism, but the kids call him a wuss.
  • A preacher is a person who delivers sermons or homilies on religious topics to an assembly of people.
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