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ADJ   procumbent | more procumbent | most procumbent
procumbent {adj}
Taxa/Spezies (Tiere, Pflanzen, Pilze)
procumbent cotoneaster [Cotoneaster prostratus]
Niederliegende Zwergmispel {f}
procumbent pearlwort [Sagina procumbens]
Liegender Knebel {m}
procumbent pearlwort [Sagina procumbens]
Niederliegendes Mastkraut {n}
procumbent pearlwort [Sagina procumbens]
Gewöhnliches Niederliegendes Salzkraut {n}
procumbent speedwell [Veronica agrestis, syn.: V. obscura, V. pulchella, V. versicolor, Colchidiospermum agreste, Pocilla agrestis]
Acker-Ehrenpreis / Ackerehrenpreis {m}
procumbent yellow-sorrel [Oxalis corniculata]
Horn-Sauerklee {m}
procumbent yellow-sorrel [Oxalis corniculata]
Gehörnter Sauerklee {m}
procumbent yellow-sorrel [Oxalis corniculata]
Hornfrüchtiger Sauerklee {m}
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  • They bear a long fused mandibular symphysis, an evidently procumbent lower incisor, and five additional sockets that imply a dental formula of one incisor, one canine and two double-rooted premolars.
  • 5mm diastema between its very procumbent second incisor (KNM-WT 16999 had large, broad incisors) and the canine.
  • The most distinctive characteristic of "Masiakasaurus" is the forward-projecting, or procumbent, front teeth. The teeth are heterodont, meaning that they have different shapes along the jaw.
  • The species often have frail stalks that can be upright or procumbent, reaching 2 m high and about 2 to 5 cm thick.
  • The first incisor is somewhat enlarged, procumbent and lanceolate in shape.
  • It is a perennial herbaceous plant with short, procumbent or ascending stems.
  • The large, procumbent incisors and reduced shearing crests of Paromomyids, especially "Ignacius" and "Phenacolemur", suggest a diet specialized for feeding on exudates, comparable to the adaptions seen in extant callitrichine primates and "Petaurus", a marsupial sugar-glider.
  • "Patellifolia" are annual or perennial herbs, growing erect or often procumbent. The alternate leaves have a petiole, their leaf blade is heart-shaped or hastate.
  • Both Gough Island and the Prince Edward Islands also suffer from invasive procumbent pearlwort ("Sagina procumbens"), which is transforming the upland ecosystem and is now considered beyond control.
  • It is an annual species with procumbent habits, which reaches 30 cm height.
  • It is a small procumbent shrublet resembling G. sarcophylla but with larger broadly lanceolate leaves (5–10 cm), short peduncles (1–2 cm) and pale blue white flowers.
  • "Fumana" shrubs can be procumbent or erect. Leaves tend to be very narrow and are almost always alternate.
  • "Niaftasuchus" has a distinctive dentition composed of large, procumbent, leaf-shaped teeth.
  • "Arctostaphylos uva-ursi" is a small procumbent woody groundcover shrub growing to [...] high. The small solitary three-scaled buds are dark brown.
  • A shrub or subshrub with procumbent main stems, and ascending branches usually reaching [...] , it is occasionally available in commerce.
  • cyclus" was epibenthic, procumbent, and largely occurred in muddy substrates; certain rigid rings present may have acted as anchors to seafloor surfaces.
  • It is an annual herb with white flowers. Growth habit ranged from procumbent (trailing along the ground) to upright; when upright it can reach up to 30 centimetres in height.
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