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protest vote
Protestwahl {f}
protest vote
Proteststimme {f}
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Übersetzung für 'protest vote' von Englisch nach Deutsch

protest vote
Protestwahl {f}pol.

Proteststimme {f}pol.
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • That Zhu's reforms had quickly gained wide support within the central government was made clear at Li's confirmation process during the Party's 1992 convention: although Li's appointment was already agreed upon by China's top leadership, Zhu received a relatively large and unusual protest vote by many of the Party delegates.
  • Although Newspoll and other published polls showed Labor well ahead on predicted two-party-preferred vote, Labor strategists feared that people would vote for the Coalition in a protest vote, expecting Beattie not to lose.
  • According to Peruvian anthropologist Carlos Ráez Suárez, FREPAP saw success in the 2020 Peruvian parliamentary election due to its logistics, its policy proposals for rural supporters and as a protest vote for urban voters.
  • This was the largest protest vote in the Congress up to that time, and may have been due to the feeling of delegates that the NPC was not being allowed the authority it was granted under the Chinese constitution.
  • Reynolds described the award as "essentially an anti-New Pop protest vote by post-punk's silent majority".
  • He was later unsatisfied with Dukakis' stance and plan for acid rain and stated that he might vote for himself, as he was an unpledged delegate, with Jane Eberts, the delegate he won in Ohio, as a protest vote.
  • On 8 May 2018, directors Vanessa Wallace and Holly Kramer announced they would not be seeking re-election, in response to an imminent protest vote organised by the shareholders in the aftermath of the Banking Royal Commission.
  • Christie attracted criticism from some fellow anarchists for making a gestural protest vote against Labour and its war in Iraq by voting for George Galloway's Respect - The Unity Coalition in the European Parliament elections that year, because of the general anarchist stance against participating in capitalist democracy.
  • This party succeeded in attracting much of the protest vote that Social Credit had previously enjoyed.
  • She also stated that the UK Independence Party is prepared to embody "truly conservative attitudes" and has attracted a sizeable protest vote, despite its "unsustainable spending policies".
  • The party also attracted significant support as a protest vote against official bilingualism among some voters who were not necessarily ideologically opposed to mainstream Canadian political parties on other issues.
  • Burdick argued that Hawaii should be required to count his protest vote for Donald Duck.
  • Political scientists debate how much of this was due to Social Credit policies and how much was merely a "protest vote" against the established parties, but one poll recorded Social Credit with as much as 30% of the vote.
  • He also caused a stir when, on "60 Minutes", he urged voters to issue a protest vote by leaving the ballot paper blank on election day: Following that interview, he continued to attack Gillard as well as journalist Laurie Oakes.
  • He explained the nature of the party, that they had some clearly set out policies, and that people could choose to vote for them as a protest vote; all while dressed vaguely as a bee.
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