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protest voter
Protestwähler {m}
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Übersetzung für 'protest voter' von Englisch nach Deutsch

protest voter
Protestwähler {m}pol.
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  • They were the first seriously contested elections since 1980, as the PNP had boycotted the 1983 snap elections to protest the refusal of the ruling Jamaican Labour Party to update the electoral roll amid allegations of voter fraud.
  • Outside the United Nations building, over 1,000 people attended a protest organized by Voter March and No Blood for Oil.
  • In protest, the opposition boycotted the elections and voter turnout was only 45.9%, the lowest in the history of the Second Republic.
  • The party boycotted the 1992 parliamentary elections in protest at the government's refusal to update the voter roll.
  • A voter may deliberately spoil a vote, for example as a protest vote, especially in compulsory voting jurisdictions, to show disapproval of the candidates standing whilst still taking part in the electoral process.
  • In the view of the majority, the registered voter requirement was too severe a burden on speech, and Buckley's argument about the ease of registration could not stand: some persons who would otherwise join a ballot initiative view not registering to vote as a form of protest and a rejection of an unresponsive political process.
  • Before collecting the data, Richardson expected public accommodations to be their biggest concern because it had been the main focus of the protest; however, after analyzing the results, CNAC began a multipronged campaign to encourage black voter registration, increase employment opportunities for black workers, and end racially segregated education by having black parents apply to transfer their children to white schools.
  • In the initial count of the ballot papers, a significant protest vote was evident, with tens of thousands of electors writing "No Dams" on their ballot papers.
  • After the campaign was expanded to a protest of stand-your-ground laws following the Trayvon Martin shooting, a number of major companies pulled their funding from ALEC.
  • In the wake of the referendum, the supporters of the bill conducted a protest campaign under the slogan "Scotland said yes".
  • An undervote can be intentional for purposes including protest votes, tactical voting, or abstention.
  • In 1968, she signed the "Writers and Editors War Tax Protest" pledge, vowing to refuse tax payments in protest against the Vietnam War.
  • 3% but this was due to 22% of the cast Delfzijl votes being blank, as a form of protest against the political mismanagement that entangled the city last year.
  • Senator James Blaine came to Augusta with a hundred armed men to protest the results, and Garcelon called out the state militia.
  • Condé received criticism during week-long protests and violence in late February and early March 2013, after opposition supporters took to the streets of Conakry to peacefully protest against his attempts to rig the 2013 parliamentary election.
  • They declared a boycott of white merchants who refused to hire blacks and marched to City Hall in protest of conditions.
  • Reports of election fraud and voter discontent with the current government led to major protests particularly in Moscow and Saint Petersburg.
  • Similar to many other African countries, Angolan youth have embraced social media tools and used them to fuel protest movements across the country.
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