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NOUN   prothallus | prothalli
Prothallus {m}
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Übersetzung für 'prothallus' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Prothallus {m}bot.
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  • The lichen has an olive-yellow thallus with a distinct cortex and an indistinct prothallus.
  • "ochroleucum" can look very similar to "Lecanora thysanophora", but the former species has a shorter, more continuous prothallus which is more uniformly white with thinner hyphae.
  • It is a common crustose species, easily recognized by its sorediate thallus, usually encircled by a grey prothallus.
  • The prothallus can reproduce asexually through the release of gemmae which on germination produce rhizoids, filaments and antheridia or more gemmae.
  • It has no prothallus. It is in the "Caloplaca" fungus genus of the Teloschistaceae family.
  • The prothallus is black and often not distinct. The medulla is white.
  • boschiana" exhibits a gametophyte stage in its life cycle (alternation of generations) and develops a haploid reproductive prothallus as an independent plant.
  • Its prothallus contains glandular trichomes. It usually has 32 spores per sporangium, but many with only 16 have been observed, produced from eight 2n mother cells.
  • The prothallus in "Hymenophyllum australe" (including all "Hymenophyllum" species) is long and narrow and often referred to as ribbon-like.
  • The gametophyte of some non-thallophyte plants – clubmosses, horsetails, and ferns is termed "prothallus".
  • and a dark brown prothallus. The [...] is pale and not carbonised (unlike "Lecanactis"), and the curved conidia measure 6–8 by 2–2.5 μm.
  • Characteristics of the genus include the crust-like thallus underlain by a black prothallus that is revealed around the margins; lecideine apothecia, and asci that contain 100–200 spores.
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