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prothoracic {adj}
2 Wörter
prothoracic ganglion
Prothorakalganglion {n}
prothoracic gland
Prothoraxdrüse {f}
prothoracic gland
Prothorakaldrüse {f}
prothoracic leg
Prothorakalbein {n}
prothoracic segment
Prothorakalsegment {n}
prothoracic sternite
Prothorakalsternit {n}
prothoracic tergite
Prothorakaltergit {n}
prothoracic wing
Prothorakalflügel {m}
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  • Late instar larvae have dark brown heads and prothoracic shields and are 3 centimeters long when fully developed.
  • Examples of phasmids which secrete cyclopentanoid monoterpenes from their prothoracic glands include several species of genus "Anisomorpha", which secrete anisomorphal.
  • The first sting is delivered to the prothoracic ganglion (mass of nerve tissue) which causes a 2- to 3-minute paralysis of the front legs.
  • However, unpaired prolegs, a ventrally directed truncate head, and prothoracic spiracles on a short respiratory tube differentiate them.
  • The neuroendocrine system of insects consists primarily of neurosecretory cells in the brain, the corpora cardiaca, corpora allata and the prothoracic glands.
  • This species can be distinguished from other "Protosticta" species based on its bright-blue facial markings, eyes, prothoracic markings, and femora.
  • lydia" are equipped with a complex tracheal system which belongs to the peripneustic type in which the prothoracic and abdominal stigmata are present but not functional through the larva stage of life.
  • The prothoracic basitarsus (a leg segment) in the male produces the silk for the balloon.
  • Mutated versions of the pb gene result in prothoracic (anterior to thorax) legs from labial palps and maxillary palps that display malformation or smaller size.
  • The head of the larva is yellowish-brown and the body is pale green and the prothoracic plate is pale green. They feed on the terminal shoots of "Salix" species in May and June.
  • Body yellow, head and prothoracic plate very pale brown, anal plate almost colourless, thoracic legs transparent.
  • These bugs have two dorsolateral prothoracic glands capable of secreting substances repugnant to predators.
  • The prothoracic glands are either of a pair of endocrine glands located in the prothorax of certain insects that regulate molting.
  • The larva have a pale, yellowish green body, a slightly orange-brown head and a prothoracic shield (the plate of the first thoracic segment just behind the head).
  • Head and prothoracic shield are brown. The larvae feed on "Elaeagnus" species.
  • The "spook" gene (Cyp307a1) is expressed in the prothoracic gland, and in conjunction with the gene product of "spookier" (Cyp307a2), converts 7-dehydrocholesterol to Δ4-diketol.
  • Some caterpillars, especially members of Papilionidae, contain an osmeterium, a Y-shaped protrusible gland found in the prothoracic segment of the larvae.
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