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NOUN   a prothorax | prothoraxes / prothoraces
Prothorax {m}
Vorderbrust {f} [Prothorax]
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Übersetzung für 'prothorax' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Prothorax {m}entom.

Vorderbrust {f} [Prothorax]zool.
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  • Emuelloidea can be recognized by having a prothorax consisting of 3 or 6 segments, the most backward one of which is carrying very large trailing spines.
  • In the prothorax, convex portion is shiny and bluish black, whereas lateral parts are pale brownish.
  • Adult has shiny yellowish elytra and dark brown prothorax just after pupal exclosion.
  • Active in rainy season. Two morphs can be identified: golden shiny elytral disc and prothorax. The other form with dark brown elytral disc and prothorax.
  • Prothorax usually with strong transverse plications and a more or less distinct central furrow.
  • Head and prothorax with small sparse brownish grey scales.
  • The scales become more denser and more yellowish along the prothorax and elytra laterally.
  • Adult beetle is about 12 to 15 mm. Lateral sides of the prothorax and elytra are covered with a white dust.
  • There are six large teeth on lateral side of prothorax.
  • Prothorax markedly transverse, and strongly depressed in front of prothoracic base.
  • There is a pattern of maculae on prothorax and elytra.
  • There are three faint longitudinal grey grooves on the prothorax and the abdomen.
  • "Agonum lutulentum", commonly known as Brown-prothorax Ground Beetle, is a species of beetle in the family Carabidae.
  • The orange-yellowish prothorax is the best way to identify the species.
  • Body is brownish-black, while the head, prothorax, legs, and antennae show a pale fawn-coloured pubescence.
  • The prothorax is often enlarged and the sides of the body have lateral swellings (ampullae).
  • Excluding the prothorax most of the thorax and all of the abdomen were crushed prior to entombment in the liquid sap.
  • The prothorax and scutellum have pits that are irregularly placed.
  • "Lagria cuprina" can reach a length of about [...]. Body is oblong, prothorax is almost square, thorax and prothorax are densely punctuated. Elytra are reddish or coppery.
  • The species is [...] long and have creamy-red coloured stripes which go along its head, prothorax and scutellum.
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