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NOUN   prothrombin | prothrombins
SYNO factor II | prothrombin
Prothrombin {n}
prothrombin deficiency
Prothrombinmangel {m}
prothrombin time
Quick {m} [Kenngröße]
prothrombin time <PT>
Prothrombinzeit {f} <PT>
prothrombin time <PT>
Thromboplastinzeit {f} <TPZ>
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  • Prothrombin time (PT) and its derived measures of prothrombin ratio (PR) and INR are measures of the extrinsic pathway of coagulation.
  • Des-gamma carboxyprothrombin (DCP), also known as protein induced by vitamin K absence/antagonist-II (PIVKA-II), is an abnormal form of the coagulation protein, prothrombin.
  • This prevents the formation of the active form of prothrombin and several other coagulant enzymes.
  • Type II, known as dysprothrombinemia, includes a missense mutation at specific Xa factor cleavage sites and serine protease prothrombin regions.
  • Alpha globulins include certain hormones, proteins that transport hormones, and other compounds, including prothrombin and HDL.
  • Kringle domains have been found in plasminogen, hepatocyte growth factors, prothrombin, and apolipoprotein(a).
  • Thrombokinase was the name coined by Paul Morawitz in 1904 to describe the substance that converted prothrombin to thrombin and caused blood to clot.
  • During her graduate studies, Degen and her colleagues were the first to isolate and characterize complementary DNA (cDNA) coding for both bovine and human prothrombin.
  • Prothrombin activator is a complex of a dozen blood coagulation factors that functions in catalyzing prothrombin into thrombin.
  • Hyperprothrombinemia is a state of high of prothrombin levels in the blood which leads to hypercoagulability. An example of a genetic cause includes the mutation prothrombin G20210A.
  • The primary antidote to brodifacoum poisoning is immediate administration of vitamin K1 (dosage for humans: initially slow intravenous injections of 10–25 mg repeated at 3–6 hours until normalisation of the prothrombin time; then 10 mg orally four times daily as a "maintenance dose").
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