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purity requirementReinheitsgebot {n}
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Übersetzung für 'purity requirement' von Englisch nach Deutsch

purity requirement
Reinheitsgebot {n}
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  • The 1920 Seeds Act, for the first time, made testing and declaring for purity and germination a legal requirement for all seed companies.
  • RMFC systems offer advantages over direct methanol fuel cell (DMFC) systems including higher efficiency, smaller cell stacks, less requirement on methanol purity, no water management, better operation at low temperatures, and storage at sub-zero temperatures because methanol is a liquid from -97.0 °C to 64.7 °C (-142.6 °F to 148.5 °F) and as there is no liquid methanol-water mixture in the cells which can destroy the membrane of DMFC in case of frost.
  • The ability to address air purity issues is included in this requirement, as air purity is especially critical in medical as well as toxic exposure situations.
  • The Society was inaugurated in 1859 with the requirement "That no fountain be erected or promoted by the Association which shall not be so constructed as to ensure by filters, or other suitable means, the perfect purity and coldness of the water."
  • Conservative Judaism authorities teach that the laws of family purity are normative and still in force, including the requirement to refrain from sexual relations during "niddah", yet there is a difference of opinions over how much other strictures need to be observed, such as whether there should be complete prohibition on any touching during "niddah" and whether women are required to count seven "clean" days before immersing in the "mikveh".
  • The party sought to enforce the ideological purity of its printed propaganda through a strict requirement that no branch be able to distribute any literature not previously approved by the SLP's Executive Committee.
  • This requirement can be weakened to purity above a certain threshold instead of requiring fully pure qubits.
  • After 1938 racial purity became an essential requirement and Jewish students were expelled.
  • Adherence to the ninth commandment's requirement of purity requires modesty, which "protects the intimate center of the person".
  • Pristo (Martelé: Gorham's Nouveau Art Silver) indicates that Martelé was initially produced in sterling, but that the higher standard was likely used to meet the French requirement of .950 for the Paris exhibition (silver imported to France would need to be the .950 fineness).
  • It shows that the MCSGP process can increase the productivity by a factor of 10 and reduce the solvent requirement by 90%.
  • In this book he claimed that every race had a requirement for "its own exclusive racial territory or homeland, its own independent and sovereign government".
  • In a series of responsa on the subject of Niddah in December 2006, the Committee on Jewish Law and Standards of Conservative Judaism reaffirmed a requirement that Conservative women use a mikveh monthly following the end of the niddah period following menstruation, while adopting certain leniencies including reducing the length of the nidda period.
  • The requirement for the sealed atmosphere is dictated by the volatile nature of many of the precursors which if melted in open atmosphere can result in large compositional changes or complete removal of components with low vapour pressures.
  • One consequential factor of this war was Dalhousie's continuation of the requirement that Sepoys be forced to serve abroad.
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