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qal [Hebrew verb form]
Qal {n}
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Darlegungs­grad {m}
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Übersetzung für 'qal' von Englisch nach Deutsch

qal [Hebrew verb form]
Qal {n}ling.

quality assurance level <QAL>
Darlegungs­grad {m}QM
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  • The Arabic word takes the forms "qal'a(-t)" and "qil'a(-t)", plural "qilâ' " and "qulû' ", meaning fortress, fortification, or castle.
  • The modern Arabic name, Minat al-Qal'a, means "The harbour ("mina") with the fortress ("qal'a")", while the modern Hebrew name, "Horbat Ashdod Yam", reflects both the current state of the fort and its ancient name: "ruins ("horbat") of Ashdod-on-the-Sea".
  • Alcalà comes from the Arabic لقلعة for 'The citadel', al-qal'a.
  • Yadah is the third person singular qal form of the Hebrew language verbal root "ydh". Depending on its conjugation, it carries a range of meanings involving throwing or praising.
  • The G fientive or G-stem (Hebrew "qal") is the basic, most common, unmarked stem.
  • Kala can be an alternate spelling of "qal'a" ("fortress") in Persian, Turkish, etc.
  • A building known as the "qal'ah" (قلعة i.e. "castle") was also constructed near the middle of the southwestern side.
  • For example, in Genesis 16:2, "So Sarai said to Abram" the Hebrew is "וַתֹּ֨אמֶר שָׂרַ֜י אֶל־אַבְרָ֗ם" the word וַתֹּאמֶר ("vatómer", meaning "and-she-said") is in the qal form as a conjugation of אָמַר.
  • It originated with the Tiberian Masoretes as part of the extended system of "niqqud" (vowel points), and has the opposite meaning of "dagesh qal", showing that one of the letters בגדכפת is to be pronounced as a fricative and not as a plosive, or (sometimes) that a consonant is single and not double; or, as the opposite to a "mappiq", to show that the letters ה or א are silent ("mater lectionis").
  • in the qal form of the verb "to become impure"; in the niphal to "defile oneself"; and in the transitive Piel to defile something or pronounce something impure.
  • Qal'at al-Jaras ([...] "qal‘at al-jarāṣ") is a Syrian village located in Al-Suqaylabiyah Nahiyah in Al-Suqaylabiyah District, Hama.
  • "Qa:le Soxte:" (< "qal`e-ye sūxté" 'the burnt fortification').
  • Binyan "paʕal", also called binyan קַל or qal [...] ("light"), is the most common binyan.
  • Ovchiqal'acha ([...]; [...]) is a jamoat in north-west Tajikistan.
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