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NOUN   a quality analysis | quality analyses
quality analysis
Qualitätsanalyse {f}
to offer quality analysisqualitative Analyse anbieten
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  • The development for picture quality analysis algorithms available today started with still image models which were later enhanced to also cover motion pictures.
  • Imatest is a member of the International Organization for Standardization and Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers contributing and implementing standardized methods of image quality analysis.
  • The analysis of HELP data involves quality analysis and normalization. An analytical pipeline written in the R programming language was recently published to allow HELP data processing.
  • The distinction is that a "POS" lightbox is a permanent or semi-permanent fixture used to display an advertising message in a retail space, while a "photography" lightbox is usually a portable or table-mounted appliance used for image quality analysis and/or tracing in a photography studio, graphic design studio, graphic/print production shop or similar environment.
  • Subsequent water quality analysis showed no changes to water quality.
  • Measurements can be made using continuous automated water quality analysis instruments targeted on pollutants such as specific organic or inorganic chemicals, pH, turbidity etc.
  • A measurement systems analysis evaluates the test method, measuring instruments, and the entire process of obtaining measurements to ensure the integrity of data used for analysis (usually quality analysis) and to understand the implications of measurement error for decisions made about a product or process.
  • The Data-quality analysis of the NLCD 2001 data set with manually delimited TIA sample areas indicates that the average error of predicted versus actual TIA may range from 8.8 to 11.4 percent.
  • In adaptive high-frequency (HF) radio, link quality analysis (LQA) is the overall process by which measurements of signal quality are made, assessed, and analyzed.
  • Red Caviar is produced from mainly the eggs of chum salmon which is caught during spawning migration, this means that there is a very specific time where this delectable can be acquired even with its high demands in Japan, which certainly recognizes it to be a very well established dish just by noticing the quality analysis throughout the hardening of Red Caviar.
  • A signal analyzer can be viewed as a measurement platform, with operations such as spectrum analysis (including phase noise, power, and distortion) and vector signal analysis (including demodulation or modulation quality analysis) performed as measurement applications.
  • High quality analysis and processing using atomic electron tomography results in a 3D reconstruction of an amorphous material detailing the atomic positions of the different species that are present.
  • Eclox, which stands for "Enhanced ChemiLuminescence and OXyradical test for water quality analysis", is a rapid toxicity technology that has been shown to correlate with other established toxicity tests.
  • The McDonnell Genome Institute makes all sequence data available to the research community, pending appropriate quality analysis.
  • Technical writers may also gain expertise in a particular technical domain and branch into related forms, such as software quality analysis or business analysis.
  • and intended for use in running trawls, box core sampling, bottom sampling and sampling for water quality analysis.
  • GOC has a Chemical and Metallurgical laboratory where quality analysis of materials procured by the stores are undergone.
  • It consists of two classrooms, a water quality analysis laboratory, and backflow testing & equipment repair shop.
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