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rabbinically {adv}
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Übersetzung für 'rabbinically' von Englisch nach Deutsch

rabbinically {adv}
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  • When the activity desired is itself only rabbinically prohibited, it may be permitted to tell a non-Jew to perform the activity for important reasons, such as a communal benefit (such as a power outage in the synagogue) or a "mitzvah" (such as circumcision).
  • The use of a computer might be considered "Uvdin d'Chol" (weekday/mundane activities), which are prohibited rabbinically to preserve the spirit of the sanctity of Shabbat, by preventing one from carrying out unrequired or grueling tasks and weekday-specific activities on Shabbat.
  • Although Jews are commanded to take the four species together, the rabbinically ordained blessing mentions only the "lulav" because it is the largest and most evident of the four species.
  • The first verse of the "Shema" is recited aloud, simultaneously by the hazzan and the congregation, which responds with the rabbinically instituted "Baruch Shem" ("Blessed be the Name") in silence before continuing the rest of "Shema".
  • This is a list of places that have "eruvin", both historic and modern, that are or were rabbinically recognized.
  • However, since the Amidah is only rabbinically required (unlike the Shema which is Scriptually mandated) it is common to rely on the later time, thus only a few calendars publish the earlier time.
  • There is debate among Jewish legal authorities as to whether the present-day Jewish religious laws detailed in this tractate are now biblically or rabbinically mandated obligations.
  • Climbing a tree is rabbinically forbidden, for fear this may lead to one tearing off a branch.
  • He received rabbinic ordination from the Hebrew Union College in Cincinnati in 1952, becoming the first North Carolina native to be rabbinically ordained.
  • As with most forbidden relationships in Judaism, all physical contact in an affectionate or lustful manner is rabbinically forbidden when a woman is in her "niddah" status.
  • A shinuy transforms an act from one that is biblically forbidden to one that is rabbinically prohibited, thereby making it less of an offense.
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