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NOUN   a rabbit | rabbits / rabbit [collectively]
VERB   to rabbit | rabbitted / rabbited | rabbitted / rabbited
rabbitting / rabbiting | rabbits
Kaninchen {pl}
Hasen {pl} [ugs.] [Kaninchen, auch für Osterhasen, in Märchen]
Karnickel {pl} [regional] [Kaninchen]
feeder rabbits
Futterkaninchen {pl}
pants rabbits [Am.] [sl.] [lice]
Sackratten {pl} [vulg.]
to breed like rabbitssich vermehren wie die Kaninchen
to run like scared rabbits
wie die Hasen rennen
striped rabbits [genus Nesolagus]
Streifenkaninchen {pl}
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  • One geographical explanation suggests that Chinese nomads living in the savanna had frequent encounters with rabbits in the wild fields.
  • This island is presently inhabited by a large population of rabbits.
  • Rabbits re-infected with the virus exhibit some or complete immunity, and can transmit the virus to other wild rabbits, and from wild to domestic rabbits.
  • Rabbitpox is a disease of rabbits caused by a virus of the genus "Orthopoxvirus" in the family "Poxviridae", and closely related to vaccinia virus.
  • The outbreak occurred in feral European rabbits, and genetic testing identified the viral strain as RHDV2.
  • Classes for young Dutch rabbits are recommended by the UKDRC as being for Dutch rabbits under five months of age.
  • Meanwhile, John sees several rabbits hopping over a hill.
  • This condition occurs occasionally in laboratory rabbits, pet rabbits, and wild rabbits, but is not considered a significant cause of morbidity.
  • In the 1890s non-native European rabbits, an exotic invasive species, began to infest the islands as the result of the release of domestic rabbits on Smith Island.
  • Rabbits were initially introduced to Australia as pets during colonisation.
  • The (12th and 13th centuries) "Chōjū-jinbutsu-giga" picture scrolls depict anthropomorphic animals, notably monkeys and rabbits bathing, monkeys and rabbits wrestling, and a monkey thief running from rabbits and frogs with sticks.
  • Perlfee rabbits are rather docile and friendly. They are lively rabbits who make excellent pets for the beginner.
  • In 2010, a plan to eliminate rabbits from Macquarie Island was implemented and aerial baiting was commenced.
  • The fur of rex rabbits are the most sought after rabbit pelts.
  • The town's name comes from "Conejos" which literally means 'rabbits' in Spanish.
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