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rapidly {adv}schnell
rapidly {adv}rasch
rapidly {adv}zügig
rapidly {adv}rapide
rapidly {adv}zusehends [rasch]
rapidly {adv}rasant [ugs.]
rapidly {adv}geschwind [südd.]
rapidly {adv}in schneller Weise
2 Wörter
most rapidly {adv}am schnellsten
rapidly acting {adj}
rasch wirksam
rapidly acting {adj}
schnell wirksam
rapidly developing {adj}sich schnell entwickelnd
rapidly expanding {adj}stark expandierend
to act rapidlyrasch handeln
to act rapidlyschnell handeln
to breathe rapidlyschnell atmen
to descend rapidly [avalanche]herabstürzen
3 Wörter
Fame increased rapidly.Der Ruhm wuchs rasch.
to go downhill rapidly
sich rapide verschlechtern
to jump up rapidlyemporschießen [aufspringen]
to leap up rapidlyemporschießen [aufspringen]
4 Wörter
Christmas was approaching rapidly.Es ging stark auf Weihnachten zu.
He is aging rapidly.Er altert schnell.
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  • During the 14th and 15th centuries Toulouges grew rapidly.
  • Because the San Jacinto basin is actively and rapidly subsiding (on a geologic time-scale), the USGS estimates that the potential size of the lake (the rapidly expanding closed depression) will continue to grow.
  • Parasites, nematodes, trematodes, fungi, and microarthropods can attack snails, and such problems can spread rapidly when snail populations are dense.
  • The type of rock formed depends on the chemical composition of the magma and how rapidly it cools.
  • The slope of the trendline for C22orf15 more closely resembles the slope of the trendline for fibrinogen alpha chain, which evolves rapidly, as opposed to the slope of the trendline for cytochrome c, which evolves slowly.
  • FAM98C is rapidly evolving with a rate of divergence faster than both cytochrome C, a slowly evolving gene, and fibrinogen, a rapidly evolving gene.
  • Sightings in South Florida rapidly increased at the end of 2020, indicating that the population has recently also increased rapidly.
  • Cytochrome c is a highly conserved protein and fibrinogen is a rapidly evolving protein.
  • "TMEM221" is a rapidly evolving gene with a rate of divergence faster than cytochrome C, a slowly evolving gene, and fibrinogen, a rapidly evolving gene.
  • After reopening the ports to the international arrivals, COVID-19 cases rapidly increased rapidly.
  • However, if this is done without removing the carbon dioxide, it will rapidly build up in the recycled gas, resulting almost immediately in mild respiratory distress, and rapidly developing into further stages of hypercapnia, or carbon dioxide toxicity.
  • was founded in Sydney in 1888 by Edward and Henry Noyes (see their biographies below), as importers of engineering products, then rapidly developed into engineering consultants and contractors servicing the rapidly developing transportation and mining businesses throughout Australasia.
  • Automotive technology was rapidly changing and the expensive patents were rapidly outdated. This became obvious as 1897 progressed. Investments became worthless and share prices collapsed.
  • Polonium dibromide forms purple solutions in hydrobromic acid (prepared similarly to solutions of polonium dichloride) and ketones, although the latter are rapidly oxidised to polonium(IV).
  • It is rapidly absorbed by the tumour (optimal tumour-normal tissue ratio 30–150 minutes post-intravenous injection) and is rapidly cleared from the body, minimising patient photosensitivity (1–2 days).
  • Rapidly exploring dense trees is a family of planning algorithms that includes the rapidly exploring random tree.
  • Williams Landing is rapidly growing and will continue to grow rapidly in the next several years.
  • Black locust is planted for firewood, as it grows rapidly, is highly resilient in a variety of soils, and it grows back rapidly after harvest from the existing root system.
  • From this last observation it follows that the integer ratios " [...] " rapidly approach [...]; and [...] and [...] rapidly approach 1 + [...].
  • The first solution decreases rapidly with [...]. The second solution increases rapidly with [...]. Miller's algorithm provides a numerically stable procedure to obtain the decreasing solution.
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