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VERB   to rivet | riveted / rivetted | riveted / rivetted
riveting / rivetting | rivets
riveted {adj} {past-p}
riveted {adj} {past-p}
riveted {adj} {past-p}
sb. rivetedjd. nietete
2 Wörter
hot-riveted {adj}
riveted by {past-p} [fig.]gefesselt von
riveted by {past-p} [fig.]fasziniert von
riveted rimgenietete Felge {f}
4 Wörter
riveted on both sides {adj} [postpos.]
beidseitig vernietet
5+ Wörter
All eyes were riveted on ...Alle Augen waren fixiert auf ...
to stand riveted to the spot
wie festgenagelt stehen bleiben
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • The metal "Glastonbury Bowl" was made from two sections riveted together and repaired several times over its life.
  • The hull was riveted and made of wrought iron.
  • The L6/40 was a conventional light tank design of riveted construction.
  • Body framing was extruded and riveted together. Panelling was welded into continuous sheets and riveted to the frame.
  • The frame and balance are made of riveted steel with half-timbering.
  • This reservoir is unique in the Sydney Water Supply Area, with its riveted cylindrical tank and riveted steel girder stand.
  • 2 (WS25) are a pair of identical riveted steel reservoirs, built at Chatswood in 1888.
  • The original span was constructed of riveted steel plates, and it has an open-grate shoulder access walk.
  • The standard method of construction for boilers, compressed air receivers and other pressure vessels of iron or steel before gas and electrical welding of reliable quality became widespread was riveted sheets which had been rolled and forged into shape, then riveted together, often using butt straps along the joints, and caulked along the riveted seams by deforming the edges of the overlap with a blunt chisel.
  • The inner approach spans are of riveted continuous rolled steel joists and riveted deck-type continuous plate girders and underslung cross girders supported on concrete piers.
  • "V-5" was built to a partial welded/partial riveted construction method.
  • The diagonal struts are formed from flat steel and riveted together at the intersections.
  • A steel riveted through Warren truss footbridge on steel trestles and channel iron stair stringers with Kembla markings on steel sections.
  • The most ancient is the "dahma" (gravestone) of Shaykh Baha-ud-Din Naqshband, riveted by marble blocks and enclosed above an openwork of marble lattice.
  • Brake drums were steel with a riveted cast iron liner.
  • The Roman combat experience of the Dacian wars produced further developments in helmet design, particularly the two iron bars riveted crosswise across the helmet skull (alternatively, two thick bronze strips might be riveted to the top of a bronze legionary or auxiliary helmet); it has been suggested that this form of reinforcement was added as protection against the falx.
  • Riveted kusari was known and used in Japan. In the book "Japanese Arms & Armor Introduction" by H. Russell Robinson, there is a picture of Japanese riveted kusari on page 58.
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