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NOUN   a roof aerial | roof aerials
roof aerial [Br.]
Dachantenne {f}
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Übersetzung für 'roof aerial' von Englisch nach Deutsch

roof aerial [Br.]
Dachantenne {f}RadioTV
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  • Electroluminescent lighting is now used as an application for public safety identification involving alphanumeric characters on the roof of vehicles for clear visibility from an aerial perspective.
  • Neither car was obviously different from standard specification, although VUL 4 did carry a discreet identifying lamp at the base of its roof mounted radio aerial and was illuminated when in use by a member of the Royal family.
  • The original telescopic radio aerial was moved from the drivers A-pillar to the rear of the roof and was changed to a "bee-sting" type.
  • The Aerial version features a large sunroof and contoured roof racks as standard.
  • During the night of 20 to 21 April 1944, the station was hit by an Allied aerial bombardment aimed at the Dépôt de La Chapelle, which caused the collapse of the roof onto the track and the platforms.
  • On the night of 17 March 1999, Hull was trying to adjust the television aerial on the roof of his bungalow at half-time during an Inter Milan vs.
  • The result is that "burgställe" are often only recognisable as uneven terrain and some are only visible in aerial photographs.
  • On 28 July 1943, the church was heavily damaged by aerial bombs.
  • It survived the Great Fire of London, was extensively damaged by a Nazi German Luftwaffe aerial bomb in 1944 but was subsequently restored.
  • For the latter assignment, Schild managed to wheedle a real Hertz outlet into letting him damage one of its vehicles' roofs, and to stage the aerial mishap in front of a Hertz location.
  • On 19 July 2006 protesters staged a 'Horrors of War' demonstration outside the Brighton factory recreating scenes of violence and mutilation that result from aerial bombardment.
  • This inspired drivers to attempt a complete aerial backflip.
  • There were two steel rails on one wall on which a trolley was designed to run to carry the dishes up to the aerial galleries.
  • Some carried M-134 miniguns with 3,000 rounds per gun instead, though these aircraft were normally used by Air Cavalry units, not the Aerial Rocket Artillery (ARA) units.
  • It was designed by Husnik and Vlasak and was intended to meet the growing need for aerial communication to and from the country.
  • The aerial firebombing assault begins and successfully torches the remaining monsters.
  • However, German aerial bombardment and extensive usage of tanks imposed high casualties on both the defenders of the Old Town and the civilians.
  • Five are visible in an aerial photo dated 1977. At some point after 1980, four of the hangars were apparently removed or destroyed.
  • 4 Fire Chief car (213) was added to the range, finished in red and with a nylon aerial, crest transfers on the front doors and the same cast sign as the Pathfinder but modified to read 'Fire Chief'.
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