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to run bullets
Kugeln gießen
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Übersetzung für 'run bullets' von Englisch nach Deutsch

to run bullets
Kugeln gießenweapons
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  • They also run a second team in the National Development League, known as the Berwick Bullets.
  • After performing surgery on himself to remove the two bullets from Harvey Dent's gun, Hush is shown to crawl ashore only to run into Harley Quinn and the Joker, who puts a gun to his head.
  • Her early credits include a 1965 episode of "The Benny Hill Show" from its run on BBC Television, "Where the Bullets Fly" (1966) and hosting the children's show "Adventure Island" from 1969 to 1972.
  • Raho Ari and his followers captured bullets and guns and slew Japanese in repeated hit and run raids against Japanese police stations by infiltrating over the Japanese "guardline" of electrified fences and police stations as they pleased.
  • In his 1978 book, "The House of Hunger", and in interviews, Marechera demonstrates remarkable imagination and skill in the blending of art and real life, using his constrained and traumatic ghetto upbringing to abstract about his father having been either run over by "a 20th-century train" or come home "with a knife sticking from his back" or having been "found in the hospital mortuary with his body riddled with bullets".
  • The initial ideas for "Bangai-O" came from Treasure programmer Mitsuru Yaida who wanted to challenge himself by programming an extreme number of bullets on the screen at once.
  • He joined adventurer and showman Paul Boyton on his treks across the Yellowstone River and Mississippi River, dodged bullets reporting on the feud between the Hatfields and McCoys and interviewed Sitting Bull.
  • The tank is armed with one cannon which shoots powerful bombs in limited numbers, and twin vulcan cannons which shoot unlimited tracer bullets.
  • In 1994, White joined punk quartet Pinhead Gunpowder after the departure of singer/guitarist Sarah Kirsch (with whom White had played the previous year in Sixteen Bullets).
  • s Jeremy Jastrzab opined that "Darkwatch" gives vampires, undead, cowboys and plenty of bullets to fire.
  • A machine gun riddles the car with bullets, killing her.
  • His weapon is a shotgun whose bullets shoot in three directions, and his melee and special is where he slices and dices enemies with his chainsaw hand.
  • They had also held a friendly international competition against the Washington Bullets (now Washington Wizards) during the 1970s.
  • The Bullets traded Chapman with Terrence Rencher to the Miami Heat for Ed Stokes and Jeff Webster in June 1995.
  • After supporting bands such as Puressence and Oceansize, Editors released debut single "Bullets", which was recorded with producer Gavin Monaghan, as a limited edition of 1000 copies on Kitchenware Records on 24 January 2005.
  • Obstacles between the characters block shots, such as a cactus, The guns have limited ammunition, with each player given six bullets.
  • Players cannot move the character while firing (holding down the fire button gives players control of the aiming cursor), and when moving the character to avoid incoming bullets, the aiming cursor moves along in tandem.
  • Other assignments for DC included a "Birds of Prey" one-shot and the DC/Marvel Amalgam Comics one-shot, "Bullets and Bracelets".
  • Over a hundred policemen attacked the pickets with tear gas and bullets, sending thirteen workers to the hospital with gunshot wounds.
  • In this method, a steel cylinder—a coring gun—has hollow-point steel bullets mounted along its sides and moored to the gun by short steel cables.
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