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to run by [coll.]kurz besprechen
to run sth. by sb. [coll.]etw. mit jdm. kurz besprechen
to run sth. by / past sb. [idea, plan, proposal, etc.]
jdm. etw. (kurz) vorlegen [Idee, Plan, Vorschlag, usw.]
run by the owner {adj} [postpos.]inhabergeführt [Geschäft, Hotel etc.]
to have sth. operated / run (by sb.)etw. (von jdm.) betreiben lassen
to run things­ by the (rule) book
strikt nach Schema F verfahren
a family business run by the third generation
ein in dritter Generation geführter Familienbetrieb {m}
properties run by operating companies
Sonderimmobilie {f}
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  • A dummy corporation run by Pierre Beaumarchais concealed their activities.
  • He also won the title of "Asia's Sexiest Vegetarian male" in a contest poll run by PETA Asia in 2008.
  • There are currently 15 secondary schools and 54 primary schools which are run by the city council.
  • Francis Vocational Training Centre, run by a Catholic youth organisation.
  • In 2011 the fastest timetabled start-to-stop run by a UK domestic train service was the Hull Trains 07.30 King's Cross to Hull, which covered the 125.4 km (78 miles) from Stevenage to Grantham in 42 minutes at an average speed of 179.1 km/h (111.4 mph).
  • Cremisan Wine, founded in 1885, is a winery run by monks in the Monastery of Cremisan.
  • Kurosawa Production works closely with the Akira Kurosawa Foundation, established in December 2003 and also run by Hisao Kurosawa.
  • He was privately educated at Bective House school run by the Reverend (William Woods).
  • Since most early BBSes were run by computer hobbyists, they were typically technical in topic, with user communities revolving around hardware and software discussions.
  • There is a hostel in Acheninver, a short distance to the north, formerly run by the Scottish Youth Hostels Association.
  • The ferry from Oniike on the north Shimoshima to Kuchinotsu, at the southern tip of the Shimabara Peninsula, is run by the Shimabara Railway and operates hourly each day.
  • There are only two German schools in Alexandria which are Deutsche Schule der Borromärinnen (DSB of Saint Charles Borromé) and Neue Deutsche Schule Alexandria, which is run by Frau Sally Hammam.
  • Planet Slayer was an ABC website run by scientist Bernie Hobbs to teach children about the environment in around 2008/9.
  • The celebration is run by the local Arbroath Abbey Pageant Society, and tells the story of the events which led up to the signing.
  • Each year, several campaigns are run by the network to raise funds and support the organisation's programs : Restaurants Against Hunger and Love Food Give Food.
  • On August 23, Bonds hit his 400th career home run. By doing so, he became the first player ever to enter the 400–400 club by having career totals of 400 home runs and 400 stolen bases; he is still the only player to have achieved this feat.
  • Charlton opened the scoring with a crisp side-footed finish after a run by Roger Hunt had forced the Portuguese goalkeeper out of his net; his second was a sweetly struck shot after a run and pull-back from Geoff Hurst.
  • Today, the major styles of aikido are each run by a separate governing organization, have their own [...] in Japan, and are taught throughout the world.
  • A tourist information office run by VisitScotland sits in the centre of town, offering free information, selling souvenirs and acting as a booking office for many of the local B&B's and hotels.
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