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NOUN   a sand box | sand boxes
sand boxSandkasten {m}
sand boxSandkiste {f} [bes. österr.]
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Übersetzung für 'sand box' von Englisch nach Deutsch

sand box
Sandkasten {m}

Sandkiste {f} [bes. österr.]
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • The game features singleplayer and multiplayer, where movements are executed in turn-frames of varying lengths within set match-frames. The game is heavily sand-box based.
  • Distinguishing features include two stacks in the middle of the hood, a half-height radiator grille, no sand box on the front platform, and no small louvers at the top front corners of the sides of the hood.
  • This situation was further aggravated when Avondale Park was reduced to just over one acre in size during the building of the Kennedy Expressway, taking over most of its green space, including the park's playfield, separate boys' and girls' playgrounds, a wading pool, a sand box and tennis courts while leaving the fieldhouse designed by Clarence Hatzfeld intact.
  • On delivery, the sand box was in front of the driving wheels under the boiler.
  • An interactive sand box installation shows settlements forming on higher ground.
  • A sand box (shed) was also provided to store sand which had been previously dried in a furnace, as an aid for traction on slippery rails on steep grades and sharp curves of the Main Range section.
  • With the help of archaeologist Steven Pendery, Eastman created an interdisciplinary Archaeology course that included a first-of-its-kind 20x15 foot field training "sand box" with 3,000 artifacts buried in four levels representing periods in American history - late Woodland, Colonial, Victorian, and Modern-Day.
  • This museum has a large pacific northwest playground, indoor sand box, gemstone treasure hunt and dramatic play village.
  • A sand box or sand jack is a device used for removing the centering of an arch.
  • The second area is a sand box with gymnastic, rope climbing, and acrobatic bars.
  • I feel like a kid back in the sand box".
  • A number of features, including the mounting of Westinghouse pump on the fireman’s side, stainless steel rather than brass boiler bands, SCOA-P coupled wheels (rather than having traditional solid spokes the SCOA-P spoke is hollow, with a 'U' shaped cross section and are considerably lighter than a conventional spoked wheel) pressed steel sand box and a larger tender giving an increased coal and water capacity.
  • Due to the addition of the steam dome, the location of the sand box and sanders were changed.
  • and includes 20 different kinds of play pieces, including a sand box table for a hands-on tactile experience, a "cozy dome" quiet space, and several music making pieces.
  • Between steam dome and chimney was a sand box. The firebox was made of copper and position over the first axle of the rear drive.
  • Immediately behind the smokebox was a cylindrical sand box; sanding, which was by hand, was provided in front of the leading wheels and behind the rear ones since the engine worked as much backwards as forwards.
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