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second period [2nd period] [ice hockey]
zweites Drittel {n} [Eishockey]
second temple period [ancient Israel]
Zeit {f} des Zweiten Tempels
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  • The National Telecommunications act in the second period of Estonian independence granted a monopoly on international and local fixed line telephony to Estonian Telecom (Eesti Telecom).
  • The consul Servilius Vatia defeated these brigands in 78 BC and later the Roman general Pompey in 67 BC, bringing Side under the control of Rome and beginning its second period of ascendancy, when it established and maintained a good working relationship with the Roman Empire.
  • At the end of the 19th century, Aude experienced a second period of prosperity but there was a wine crisis triggered in 1901 because of over-production, fraud, and slumping sales.
  • During the second period, the Protestants present asked for a renewed discussion on points already defined and for bishops to be released from their oaths of allegiance to the Pope.
  • He was followed by the second period of Commonwealth rule until the Restoration of the exiled heir to the Stuart throne, Charles II, in May 1660.
  • There is evidence that the second period of extension began earlier in the central and northern Rio Grande rift than in the south.
  • During the final against Italy, he briefly captained his team for the remainder of the second period of extra time after Zidane was sent off.
  • This second period of mining lasted from the 1890s to the 1940s, but was only marginally more lucrative.
  • In the second period (1550–1600), Renaissance architecture became more common, with the beginnings of Mannerist and under the influence of the Netherlands, particularly in northern Poland and Pomerania, but also in parts of Lesser Poland.
  • His second period of service began in 1880 and continued until 1892.
  • The Treaty of Westminster of 1674 ended the second period of Dutch control and required them to return all of New Netherland to the English on June 29, including the three counties which they created.
  • In 692, the Umayyads regained power and Medina experienced its second period of huge economic growth.
  • Five schemas were on the agenda for the Second Period, as well as the two accepted in principle during the First Period: Liturgy and Means of Social Communication.
  • Throughout his second period in office, Menzies practised classical liberal economics with an emphasis on private enterprise and self-sufficiency in contrast to Labor's 'socialist objective'.
  • The second period started with young men fresh just out of college, who had engaged in music club.
  • Caves 9 and 10 are the two "chaitya" or worship halls from the 2nd to 1st century BCE – the first period of construction, though both were reworked upon the end of the second period of construction in the 5th century CE.
  • (10 second period). Measurements of the temperature of different ions in the solar wind with the UVCS instrument aboard SOHO give strong indirect evidence that there are waves at frequencies as high as [...] , well into the range of human hearing.
  • The females are diestrous, coming into heat in late summer and also around February, yet the males are fertile only around February; the potential fertility of this second period is unknown.
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