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to see intoverstehen
to see intohineinsehen
to see intohineinblicken
to see into sth.Einblick in etw. haben
to see into the futurein die Zukunft sehen
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  • In African American communities a child born with a caul over their face is believed to have psychic gifts to see spirits and see into the future.
  • Religious figures such as prophets and diviners have claimed to see into the future.
  • The "Ribnitzer See", into which the Recknitz empties, is a bay of the "Saaler Bodden" (Bay of Saal).
  • The river water of the regulated Alpine Rhine flows into the lake in the southeast near Bregenz, Austria, then through the Upper Lake Constance hardly targeting the "Überlinger See", into the "Seerhein" in the town of Konstanz, then through the "Rheinsee" virtually without feeding both German parts of the Lower Lake, and finally feeds the start of the High Rhine in Swiss town Stein am Rhein.
  • Polarization filters are positioned to remove horizontally polarized rays of light, which eliminates glare from horizontal surfaces (allowing wearers to see into water when reflected light would otherwise overwhelm the scene).
  • In Norse mythology, Hliðskjálf is the high seat of the god Odin allowing him to see into all realms.
  • The Project confirmed that even when considering the margin of error, it is difficult to come to any other conclusion except that people who claim to see into the future cannot do so with a rate of success better than that of educated guesswork, chance, or luck.
  • Dioceses are often grouped by the Holy See into ecclesiastical provinces for greater cooperation and common action among regional dioceses.
  • Unhappy with the way of life of his fellow canons, he left the Rhine lands for the diocese of Laon, in the north of France where the reforming Bishop Bartholomew was transforming his see into one that was more apostolic.
  • The Ashton Ford character is a former naval officer and spy, skilled in cryptology and able to see into the future.
  • In the comic, it is a creature able to see into the future.
  • is also called non-anticipating, because it cannot "see into the future".
  • resist the physiological and psychological invasion by the techno-organic mutant Paradigm, see into broader energy spectrum beyond light and energy at a quantum level and cause a transmogrification effect on the surrounding area at a subatomic level, sense disturbances in energy fields from miles out as well as alternate them to cancel out and sync with alternate energy forms such as Electromagnetic Waves, even possessing an undisclosed capacity to manipulate reality on a quantum level.
  • In Maryland, former Governor Robert Ehrlich opposed spotlights used by police officers to see into vehicles at night to determine if seat belts were being used on the basis that this violated privacy.
  • Security at the facility centers on a panoptic design that allows deputies and officers in a central control room to look through secure optical material to see into all areas of the facility.
  • The later group disappeared as a distinct group when their observance among the friars was ended, with the friars being merged by the Holy See into the wider observant branch of the First Order.
  • This allowed the girls to see into the future.
  • The original doors were latticed scissor gates, so a rider could see into each hallway and through the glass walls in front of each office.
  • Moondragon is present when the Avengers confront Korvac; her powers allow her to see into his mind while they fight, and she decides that his goal of saving the universe by ruling it is noble.
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