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shifting instructionVerschiebeanweisung {f}
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Übersetzung für 'shifting instruction' von Englisch nach Deutsch

shifting instruction
Verschiebeanweisung {f}
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  • The move to a four-year LLB was recent and, in the case of HKU, was aimed at shifting some of the more theoretical aspects of the HKU PCLL into the LLB, leaving more room for practical instruction.
  • ... on a computer screen), as it uses only integer addition, subtraction and bit shifting, all of which are very cheap operations in commonly used computer instruction sets such as x86_64.
  • A common idiom involves shifting BYPASS into the instruction registers of all TAPs except one, which receives some other instruction.
  • In addition, the code compiles to multiple machine instructions, which is often less efficient than the processor's native instruction.
  • In March 1966, Tashi Namgyal Academy was reorganized along Public-School lines with English as the medium of instruction and the first language.
  • The approach de-emphasized direct instruction, in particular phonics instruction.
  • At the Art Institute of Chicago, Barthé's formal artistic instruction in sculpture took place in anatomy class with professor of anatomy and German artist Charles Schroeder.
  • The identification and avoidance of perfect fifths in the instruction of counterpoint and harmony help to distinguish the more formal idiom of classical music from popular and folk musics, in which consecutive fifths commonly appear in the form of double tonics and shifts of level.
  • Erroneous denial of a reasonable doubt instruction is a structural error that entitles the defendant to automatic reversal.
  • In contrast to that, integer multiplications and bit shifting instructions are significantly faster on the 68060.
  • Although the Lybarger Bill failed narrowly to gain passage, in its place was passed the compromise Eagleson Bill, which determined that all doctoral education and research functions would be the role of Ohio State and that the two older institutions would not offer instruction beyond the master's degree level.
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