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NOUN   a shifting sand dune | shifting sand dunes
shifting sand dunes
Wanderdünen {pl}
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Übersetzung für 'shifting sand dunes' von Englisch nach Deutsch

shifting sand dunes
Wanderdünen {pl}geogr.
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  • By 180 million years ago, the climate continued to change and the area became a desert with vast expanses of huge shifting sand dunes.
  • The whole area was mainly shifting sand dunes prior to 1947 when afforestation began.
  • This sand-adapted grass was introduced to the beaches of western North America during the mid-19th century to provide stabilization to shifting sand dunes.
  • It was also the name of a stopping place on the Strahan–Zeehan Railway which was on a part of the railway line where shifting sand dunes often affected the track.
  • The land use pattern in the Pushkar valley that drains into the lake comprises 30% of the area under shifting sand dunes, 30% under hills (degraded and barren) and streams and 40% of the area is agricultural.
  • High wind velocity, shifting sand dunes and very deep and saline water sources pose a challenge to sustained human habitation in the Thar.
  • In USDA soil taxonomy, a Psamment is defined as an Entisol which consists basically of unconsolidated sand deposits, often found in shifting sand dunes but also in areas of very coarse-textured parent material subject to millions of years of weathering.
  • In 1870, the Panhandle's footprint occupied large, shifting sand-dunes with little vegetation in between it and the Pacific Ocean known as the "Outside Lands".
  • It is near the shifting sand dunes of the Thar Desert and has grand havelis with marvelous fresco paintings, namely "Kanhaiya Lal Bagla Ki Haweli" and "Surana Haweli", with hundreds of small windows.
  • Much of the desert area is covered by huge, shifting sand dunes that receive sediments from the alluvial plains and the coast.
  • Hamadas exist in contrast to "ergs", which are large areas of shifting sand dunes.
  • This previously bustling diamond town is now abandoned, and fights a constant struggle against being buried under the shifting sand dunes of the Namib desert.
  • The remains, which included a fragment of lower jaw, were found on an exposed surface between shifting sand dunes on the farm Elandsfontein, which is located near Hopefield, South Africa.
  • It prefers flat or undulating terrain with sparse vegetation of grasses or small bushes; it avoids bare and shifting sand dunes, where little prey is available.
  • of shifting sand dunes in 1800. The new village, named Western village, was settled down around [...] to the west of the present day west coast (near the present day shoal Othelloplate in-between Baltrum and Norderney) and in the east there was the Eastern village.
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