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sin tax [Am.] [coll.]Genussmittelsteuer {f}
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Übersetzung für 'sin tax' von Englisch nach Deutsch

sin tax [Am.] [coll.]
Genussmittelsteuer {f}
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  • The City of Cleveland agreed to make the improvements to Municipal Stadium which were to be funded through an extension of the sin tax, which was instead used to provide funding for the Gateway Sports and Entertainment Complex.
  • Ungab served as chairman of the Committee on Ways and Means in the Fifteenth Congress and was primarily responsible for the passage of the law amending the excise taxes for tobacco and alcohol otherwise known as the Sin Tax Law of 2012.
  • In May 1990, Cuyahoga County voters approved a 15-year sin tax on alcohol and cigarette sales in order to finance the new sports complex.
  • Typical examples of excise duties are taxes on gasoline and other fuels and taxes on tobacco and alcohol (sometimes referred to as sin tax).
  • Most recently, Senator Cayetano worked for the passage of two landmark laws, the Reproductive Health Act (RA 10354), for which she was the principal sponsor, and the Sin Tax Reform Act (RA 10351) which sought to fund government health programs from tax proceeds from cigarettes and alcohol products.
  • A tax or fee may be imposed on landfills or other disposal facilities as a means of raising general revenues, to generate funds for inspection programs or long-term mitigation of environmental impacts related to disposal, or as a means of inhibiting disposal by raising the cost in comparison to preferable alternatives, in the same manner as an excise or "sin tax".
  • A common example of this is the so-called sin tax, a tax levied against goods deemed harmful to society and individuals.
  • Opposition to Proposition EE mainly centered around opposition to increasing taxes in general but specifically because the Proposition was seen to be a sin tax.
  • He is also credited for the passage of legislations increasing the sin tax on tobacco and alcohol products and introducing a sugary drink tax and excise taxes on electronic cigarettes and vapes to fund the universal health care program signed into law in February 2019.
  • The Coliseum's fate was sealed in 1990, when voters in Cuyahoga County approved a new sin tax to fund the Gateway Sports and Entertainment Complex, which included Gund Arena, the original name of what is now Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse.
  • Tariffs are also imposed in order to raise government revenue, or to reduce an undesirable activity (sin tax).
  • The company endured accusations by rival PMFTC since the implementation of Republic Act 10351, more commonly known as the "Sin Tax Law", in 2012.
  • 9 billion and had an increase in budget in 2014 with a record high in the collection of taxes from the House Bill 5727 (commonly known as Sin tax Bill).
  • Revenue can also be streamed from activities that the government strongly discourages often called a Sin tax and the government can then tax on commodities such as smoking and alcohol consumption.
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