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NOUN   a sore point | sore points
sore pointschmerzhafter Punkt {m}
sore pointempfindliche Stelle {f}
sore point
wunde Stelle {f}
sore point [fig.]heikler Punkt {m}
3 Wörter
a sore point [fig.] [a sensitive issue]ein wunder Punkt {m} [fig.]
5+ Wörter
That is a sore point with him.
Das ist eine wunde Stelle bei ihm.
That is a sore point.Das ist ein wunder Punkt.
to touch a sore spot / point [fig.]
einen wunden Punkt berühren [fig.]
to touch on a sore point [fig.] an eine alte Wunde rühren [geh.] [fig.] [Redewendung]
to touch on a sore point / spot [fig.]einen wunden Punkt berühren [fig.]
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  • One significant sore point in the Intel litigation was the payout of approximately $34M to three of Transmeta's executives.
  • A sore point was the submission of Linggir, a disciple of Dana Bayang, without consulting his former allies.
  • When the Birmingham and Gloucester Railway was built, its route avoided Worcester by some distance, and this remained a sore point with the city.
  • Despite the international success and recognition of Warwick's original version, the besting in Great Britain by Black's version has long been a sore point with Warwick.
  • This continued as a political sore point for both the Labor and Liberal Parties in South Australia: with the Liberals having enacted privatisation, then the Rann government approving the price increases.
  • His original burial in a grave in fourth class employees graveyard in Pakistan and the hanging of his photo at the entrance of Mashrur Airbase identifying him as a Traitor had been a sore point between Bangladesh and Pakistan for decades.
  • A sore point for some conservatives in the district was Campbell's position on illegal immigration.
  • This is still a sore point for Bolivia, influencing many modern-day political actions and trade decisions.
  • There was a sore point with the 6600 operating system support — slipping timelines.
  • The bridge continued to be a sore point for operations and suffered numerous closures.
  • The Vietnam War was a sore point. Johnson needed and asked for help to maintain American prestige.
  • This has long been a sore point among other Allston residents.
  • The issue of independence for Ireland was long a sore point, until the matter was resolved by the Irish War of Independence.
  • The housing expansion was a sore point with the Poughkeepsie residents, who blamed the college for excessive traffic on the Route 9 corridor.
  • But at some point, the spread of Christianity is a particular sore point for the Muslim majority, the Malaysian government has also persecuted Christian groups who were perceived to be attempting to proselytize Muslim audiences.
  • Heavier, more permanent and more regressive than the poll tax proper, the intrusive entry of tax inspectors into private homes to count hearths was a very sore point, and it was promptly repealed with the Glorious Revolution in 1689.
  • A sore point for the tournaments organisers was that Australia was missing a large portion of their best players, a number of whom had been Kangaroo Tourists the previous year, due to the Super League war and the ARL's refusal to select Super League aligned players.
  • The Bute Trustees were already giving the Rhymney company considerably better terms for using the dock than they had granted to the Taff Vale Railway; this was a sore point with the TVR company.
  • One particularly sore point involved the lack of compensation for training camp and preseason exhibition games; while owners charged admission and benefitted from a lucrative series of preseason games, no contract payment was made until a player made a regular season roster.
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