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sorely needed {adj} {past-p}sehr benötigt
to be sorely neededdringend benötigt werden
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  • season, the Reds were owned by George Wright, whose long association with professional baseball (including the first major-league team in Boston, the Red Stockings) lent sorely-needed credibility to the fledgling league.
  • Moving two entire infantry divisions - which were sorely needed to bolster the army in East Pakistan then facing stiff opposition over a span of two weeks - was a vital factor in sustaining the operation of the Pakistan Army in East Pakistan.
  • The Royal Canadian Navy found that the cost of operating "Rainbow" was using up too much of the West Coast naval operations budget, and the crew of "Rainbow" were sorely needed on the Atlantic coast for the fight against the U-boats.
  • Bruce, Sarah and Van welcomed Cal with open arms, giving the lonely girl the love that she had craved and sorely needed.
  • The government of Lebanon was being threatened with attack. Sorely needed troops and supplies had to be airlifted to Lebanon as soon as possible, and it also had to be done without public knowledge, so as not to inform a possible enemy of the deployment of US troops.
  • In 1974, a school bond issue was passed to help build the schools that the now full-fledged town of Mira Mesa sorely needed.
  • It is truly encouraging to see the likes of Acworth and Randazza take up this sorely needed fight."
  • As Caetano promised reform but fell into indecision, the sense began to grow among all groups—the armed forces, the opposition and liberals within the regime—that only a revolution could produce the changes that they felt Portugal sorely needed.
  • Two RAAF Iroquois helicopters which happened to be at Nui Dat to transport a concert party were tasked and flew at tree top level into the battle area where they successfully delivered the sorely needed boxes of ammunition.
  • Lear, writes that "Carson sorely needed a devoted friend and kindred spirit who would listen to her without advising and accept her wholly, the writer as well as the woman."
  • such a strategy expends resources now sorely needed to rebuild our military and retool it for future challenges from a rapidly modernizing People's Republic of China to a revanchist Islamic Republic of Iran."
  • After passing Cape Horn into the Pacific Ocean, "Tonquin" visited the Kingdom of Hawaii in February 1811. Sorely needed fresh produce and animal products were purchased and 24 Native Hawaiian Kanakas hired after holding negotiations with Kamehameha I and Kalanimoku.
  • The situation seems hopeless, as the energy produced by the reactor is sorely needed on Earth, oil having been monopolized by the military.
  • When the Tianqi Emperor proved just as indifferent to his imperial responsibilities as his grandfather was and an illiterate eunuch seemed to be the most powerful figure in the Forbidden City, the Donglin scholars decided that their intervention was sorely needed.
  • Herbert was convicted of manslaughter and exercised his privilege of peerage to escape punishment, leaving him without the use of that Get Out of Jail Free card which he sorely needed after nearly killing a peer in a dispute shortly after his conviction.
  • The demise of the USSR (Cuba's major economic mainstay) in 1991 forced Cuba to encourage tourism to attract sorely needed foreign currency.
  • She soon got underway for the Delaware Capes and reached Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 9 March with a cargo of sorely needed gunpowder for the patriot forces.
  • He contemplated suicide in the late 1980s, and suggested that psychological intervention was "probably sorely needed" by the late 1990s.
  • This left the Russian outposts dependent upon British and American merchants for sorely needed food and materials; in such a situation Baranov knew that the RAC establishments "could not exist without trading with foreigners."
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