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star-delta connection
Stern-Dreieck-Schaltung {f}
star-delta switching
Stern-Dreieck-Schaltung {f}
Delta Scuti variable (star)
Delta-Scuti-Stern {m}
The Delta Star [Joseph Wambaugh]
Der Delta-Stern
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  • It is clear that the dual of a star network of inductors is a delta network of capacitors.
  • Marginally fainter is Gamma Apodis, another ageing giant star. Delta Apodis is a double star, the two components of which are 103 arcseconds apart and visible with the naked eye.
  • The star scanner was observing a set of stars which included the second magnitude star Delta Velorum.
  • Epsilon Eridani is located in the northern part of the constellation Eridanus, about 3° east of the slightly brighter star Delta Eridani.
  • Hence, meteors radiating from near the star Delta Aquarii (declension "-i") are called the Delta Aquariids.
  • The people of Groote Eylandt, used the name "Unwala" ("The Crab") for the star cluster including this star, Delta Hydrae (Lisan al Shudja), Epsilon Hydrae, Zeta Hydrae, Eta Hydrae and Rho Hydrae.
  • The Hermes spectrograph was used to monitor the Star Delta Cephei in the 2010s.
  • The star Delta Cassiopeiae also bore the traditional names "Ruchbah" or "Rukbat", from the Arabic word ركبة "rukbah" meaning "knee".
  • A combination of Y (wye or star), delta, and zigzag windings may be used to achieve a vector phase shift.
  • When this is done with three phase motors, it is commonly called a star-delta (US: Y-delta) starter.
  • For large motors also the star-delta starter cannot be used, especially if they are started with a significant load.
  • Qin is also represented by the star Delta Serpentis in asterism "Right Wall", Heavenly Market enclosure (see Chinese constellation).
  • The standard defines connectors with 3, 4 and 5 pins, but a non-standard variant with 7 pins (6 in a circle plus one in the centre) is commercially available; this can be used for star-delta starting of three-phase motors.
  • Delta Scuti is the prototype of the Delta Scuti type variable stars.
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